Any "Positive" Reviews on The Coral Reef?


Now that I’m getting the “hang” of this Dining Plan thing, I’m beginning to feel like a kid in a candystore.

My dd and I were discussing which restaurants we’d like to try out and she’d really like to try the Coral Reef.

We were there ages ago and I found it “ok” - but have to admit that a lot of my impressions of a meal are based on my dh’s attitude about the place. If he feels it’s “over-priced”, then it reflects in my mood and I don’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to. We read the menu and it actually appealed to us (we’re big fish and seafood eaters.) Has anyone had a positive experience in the last year or so?


Wow Janice, not one word, good or bad.


I know - maybe I’ll have to be a fearless leader and try it.


I’m thinking yes, you may have to stick our your neck and be the royal taster. If we don’t hear from you after the planned ADR there, we know that you have expired and that’s review enough


Thank you Iris - you’re always so loving and caring. :heart: :dry:


I try to do my part :tongue: and maybe in a bazillion years from now, I can be a moderator on DC. :ninja:


Well, just remember the Little Engine That Could…I think I can, I think I can :wink:


I was going to try CR, but I was advised not to, so I can’t be of much help.


Well our visit was more than a year ago, but I do have some positives to share with you:

The lobster bisque was delicious.
The view of the giant fishtank was certainly worth the visit.
It was nice and cool and dark in there, a lovely respite from the heat.


Go for it Janice…I am so proud that you are planning. :wink:


I’ve heard its gotten better than it used to be… Go for it!


I haven’t been there in the last year but we ate there in October 2004. We enjoyed it, in fact we are going back in October to try it again.


I am planning on trying it on the DP in August.

The biggest complaint I have always heard was that people thought it was overpriced. I figure with the free dining plan, that complaint goes right out the window, so I am hoping for a yummy meal!


We just went in May (me, DW, DD-7, DD-5). We did the dining plan, so it wasn’t overpriced from that perspective (1 sit down meal). The meals were excellent (from appetizer, to main dish, to dessert). Service was great, view was spectacular. As the meal progressed, we saw sharks, a sea turtle, and then a bunch of divers came by. We’ve eaten at most of the restaurants at WDW and I’d have to say it was one of our best dining experiences. The kids “build your own sundae” was a great finish to their meals.


We recently ate there also, it was OK. Not the best, not the worst! I was expecting it to be better than it was.


Well - that’s enough positives for me - we’re going to try it.


GO FOR IT!!! And then you can write a full review, Llama style! :wink:


On our last trip to DW in Jan 2006 we tried Coral Reef on the Dining Plan. We were very unimpressed!!! It took 2 dinners to eat there, but the menu was very limited and the view was of the same tank you could see by walking through the second floor of the living seas. Our family decided not to return. Just make sure to look over the menu and see if it is worth 2 dinner points for your family…if you just want the view…walk through the living seas.


Fortunately, Coral Reef is down to being 1TS these days.

Llama, I’m so glad you asked this question, and I’m so glad people had some nice things to say about it, since my mom has put it on my ADR list for December.


I certainly haven’t eaten at Coral Reef in the past year. Actually, I haven’t eaten there in ~4 years. I have, however, eaten there ~10 times in years prior, mostly so that new traveling companions could see the place. The food has always just been “ok” in my book, and it’s always been overpriced.

I hope your new experience is better and look forward to your opinion when you’re back home. Good Luck!