Any resort deals for July?


Going to WDW in July and bringing 12 first timers with me. Initially planning to stay at SoG since 1/2 the group is on a really tight budget (pending girl scout cookie sales) but being 1st time i’d like for them to experience a bit more disney magic. Tickets are being purchased on a seperate plan. Any hotel only deals out there, like the 4 + 3 or 40% last year?


I have not seen anything for that time. I fully understand the theming magic thought for the youngsters.
I would reserve SoG rooms now. You can always cancel them. And with multiple young ladies in each room the larger size might be an advantage. Are any of the other kids military dependents? If you have an E-1 to E-4 catagory child the rooms might cost less than your catagory.


There was a bounce back offer for percentages off room only Hopefully they will open them to the public. Time and how many people are booking WDW trips for the summer will tell. If the travel is down for the summer, you will see “deals” galore to fill those rooms. My best suggestion is to book to get the rooms and then start seaching for discounts. You can always have them applied later.


Booked 3 rooms today for the week of the 12th. Hopefully most of the July 4th traffic will be gone by then. Lowest rank in our group is E-9 so no help there on the lower rates. $123 still isn’t bad, not for the room size of deluxe standards. Seems like I read this am that Diz is offering the 40% off on-site rooms. That leaves us with POR. Never stayed there and heard mixed reviews but coming from LA where that theme is already in our backyard not so sure if they’d be impressed. We’ll be a group of 15 needing 3 rooms of 5 ea. Does CBR sleep 5? That’s something different and with the 40% discount it would cost about the same as SoG.


Last July we booked rooms at the BWI through Magical Vacations and got a GREAT rate. They have specials during certain times of the year at select hotels. From what I understand, they purchase blocks of rooms and then are able to book the rooms at a discounted rate. The company is out of NJ and the agent, Lisa, was very good and when we received our confirmation it was all through Disney. Nothing shady at all. The only downside was that you can’t add the dining plan (although you can buy park tickets through them)


Our tic and meal vouchers are being purchased through the Youth Education Series and the military deal as well as a comp day on the give a day, get a day program so fortunately all that’s being taken care of. Just looking to save a few $ on a Disney themed room as opposed to SoG.
Thanks, i’ll ck it out.