Any reviews on this?


DH loves sushi and I was thinking about taking him to eat at Kimonos in the Swan because he loves karaoke too.

Anyone ever eat here? Good, bad? Fun, boring?

I was also wondering if you can walk to the Swan from the Boardwalk. If so, how long of a walk is it?


I had no idea there was even a sushi resturant at the Swan. And Kareoke(if thats how its spelled) that sounds like so much fun. From what I remember from ten years ago, I think you can walk to the Swan from the Boardwalk. But I would double check. I hope you get replies on the suchi question because I would love to know.


I remember hearing something about it a long time ago and it was positive!


Google to the rescue: The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort - Orlando Hotels, Florida

Check out this link!! I’ve never been . . . but I’m sure someone here has!!

I was also told Wolf Gangs does sushi, but I’m not 100% on that!


I am interested in going there myself and all the reviews I have read were very positive.
It’s on my list!! :wink:


The Unofficial Guide to WDW gives Kimonos 4 out of 5 stars in an overall rating. Food quality is 4.5 stars. Value is 3 stars.

The UG’s rating system is based on average feedback from multiple guests, not just the author’s opinion.

And, actually, only the Flying Fish Cafe and Victoria & Albert’s rank higher in quality.


Awesome feedback, Cavey! With that, I am definitely adding it to our itinerary. Thanks.

Now, I wonder if I can walk there? (from Boardwalk, that is.)


I’m sure you could, there is a path.

“behind the Swan resort, bear to your right and walk to Disney’s BoardWalk Resorts.”


yes you can walk there from there. We’re going to be at the Beach Club and I am planning on walking there :wink:


I wish I had known about this restaurant last week!