Any rhyme or reason for getting upgraded


Have a friend that just went and got upgraded to another resort…how??


There is no rhyme or reason for change of resort upgrades, other than possibly the original resort being overbooked.


I was wondering that as well. I always hope and pray at check in that something like that will happen.


My luck they will offer my DW and DS an upgrade and they will say NO THANX. I told them to stay where ever they wanted and they are CSR fans so thats where they are headed.


Didn’t one of our MBer’s just get upgraded from a value to SSR? I think its a good marketing ploy. If there is availability, let people see first hand DVC, and then it opens the room for another reservation at a value.


Over Labor Day weekend, my sister came up to babysit my kids while we went to V&A. She was booked at Pop and was upgraded to the Boardwalk. I figure Pop was probably full and Boardwalk was empty.

I am glad this happened because when we visited BW to drop the kids off, I wasn’t that impressed. I guess it is all about location, but I feel there are much better choices along the Boardwalk.

The only think I have ever been upgraded was at the GF from a standard room to Concierge!! Ooooooh, that was nice!!


We were upgraded last Labor Day weekend from a standard Poly room into a MK View room- it was amazing. I have always been curious as to why that happened as well, since the resort didn’t seem full.


Aside from 1 being full and the other not, it’s a bait n switch. Really, they’re giving you a taste of something you probably would’ve never tried on your own to see how nice it is hoping you’ll enjoy it so much so you’ll spend that little extra next time around for a bigger slice of the pie:happy:


You are soooo right.


so do they upgrade you for free? Do you have to ask?? and what are the chances POP is over booked as of tomorrow? We originally had ressies at PORS but they had an opening at Pop for that week like 2 weeks later (they originally had NO value resorts open…for almost 2 months!!!)

Do you think if I called the res center and asked if there were any complimentary upgrades there would be??


That’s exactly the reason they can do this. When not all of my cottages are taken, I always upgrade guests. It is a nice perk, might create loyalty, if they’re first timers and definitely make the returning guests feel special. It doesn’t hurt anyone during quiet times.
Mickeybug is right, it is a carrot dangling in front of the horse’s mouth. Good and magical trick :closedeye and a wonderful guesture (sp?)

Now, please I’d like an upgrade to the Beach Club, heheh


Do you think if I called the res center and asked if there were any complimentary upgrades there would be??[/QUOTE]

No don’t call, you will waste your time unless you are willing to pay for that upgrade. Let it happen on it’s own- it’s more exciting that way!!


I had a friend that got upgraded to a studio at SSR when they had the email promo. When they got there, they got upgraded again to a 2 br at SSR.

I did find out that that promo was only intended for people who booked directly through Disney and I booked through AAA, so no luck for me, but I got great parking :blush: We like to drive to the parks rather than take the bus from AS resorts.


im just REALLY hoping the overbooked and they have to upgrade us to i don’t know…tHE BOARDWALK! or AK! lol Mayne even FW cause the BF would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE That! he is all about nature! This time in 24 hours I will be IN THE AIR!!!


I don’t like to think about it! I just think that even hoping for an upgrade is setting yourself up for disappointment- they’re so rare.


Luck…plain and simple. Ask for one too…can’t hurt.