Any rumors on the grassy knoll (New Resort?)


Have there been any new rumors on a new resort on the grassy knoll.:confused:


Sorry, CC, I don’t know what the grassy knoll is. Are you asking about that Bonnet Creek Resort?


hehe, I don’t know where the grassy knoll is either! But if there is going to be a new resort on it I can’t wait to hear about it!


I’m glad I’m not the only one who hadn’t heard of this before.


Sorry It was on here once before. Its a plot of land along the monorail between the Contemp and transportation Authority. A patch of grassy and tree lined land that was once reffered to as the grassy knoll. There was rumors at one time about another deluxe resort. Sorry for not being more specific.:blush:

It’s almost across from the Wilderness lodge.

Try the link above. It’s from an old thread.


The only construction going on in that part of the world is the “rumored” DVC villas at the Contemporary. I can only guess by the two tall cranes that this isn’t going to be a wing replacement, but a tower annex of at least 10 stories.


No this is a seperate area on the inside of the monorail between the contemp. and transportation center. If anyone is going in the near future mabe they can post a pic.:confused:


We’ll be there in 2 weeks. If I see anything I’ll get a pic and post. I’m like everyone else, I haven’t heard of this either.


You wont miss it. When going from the contemp to the transportaion Center just look to your right.


grassy knoll confused me too…lol


I understand that. There isn’t anything happening on the land you’re asking about. Nothing at all. But again, I suggest, with Disney building probably a 10 story building on the Contemporary’s grounds, it’s most unlikely that anything at all will be happening with the plot of land you’re asking about. Two major hotel projects, in that close a proximity, while finishing out the AKL villas, Yak and Yeti, conversion of Tusker House and Teppan Edo, and completion of the Classic Years at Pop Century is way too much for anyone’s plate, Disney included. I just don’t think they want to be adding an extra 750-1000 rooms on top of what is already in the pipe, especially with the anticipated Four Seasons/Disney joint venture in another corner of the property.


I thought this was a portable office and staging area for the construction going on for the rumored “DVC wing.” I know which area you are talking about now but I am pretty sure it was used in conjunction with the other Contemporary construction.


I’ll check it out while I’m there! I’ll be at the MK on Wed and the Contemporary on Sun and Tues. :smiley:


I think that the area you are talking about may be the “Stoll port.” It was originally planned to be a airport with a short runway for small planes, but it never came to be. When you pass by it you can see the runway area. Last I heard it was a storage area for transportation and other company vehicles.


Going off subject for a moment, I would doubt that Disney would be building anymore deluxe resorts - it’s obvious that the money is in the value resorts and DVC - that seems to be what they are concentrating on these days.


That piece of land was originally supposed to have been home to the Venetian Resort - one of the resort hotels originally planned for Walt Disney World back in the initial planning stages. (The others were the Asian, which was supposed to have been built where the Grand Floridian is now, and the Persian, which was to have been built on Bay Lake north of the Contemporary)

Although the Asian, Persian, and Venetian resorts were never build for a variety of reasons, there were plans in the early 90s to build on the spot you mentioned after the completion of the Grand Floridian. Unfortunately, however, the Imagineers found that the test pilings they placed for the foundation quickly sank into the ground, never to be seen again. Several different technologies were employed in an attempt to get the soft ground to support the weight of a resort hotel, but to no avail.

I wouldn’t plan on seeing anything built on that spot - at least until new techniques are developed that allow cost-effective building on very soft and unstable ground.


Gotcha!!:happy: :happy:


Thanks for all the info.:smile:


I believe the “grassy knolls” is the staging area for the construction going on @ the Contemporary.


I had a feeling that land was going to be too swampy to work with. I’ve heard similar stories about when they were building the Epcot monorail line and support towers sinking overnight.