Any rumors?


if the DDP will be free in Sept.?

If memory serves me correctly it has been free the past couple years.

Any thoughts?



I’m keeping my fingers crossed for it! The last few years, I think they’ve announced the free dining promotion in springtime (like around April). So here’s hoping!


Yeah, April is what I remember too.



it was offered as a bounceback to those who were there during the free dining time last year (we didn’t do it, boo) - so that’s a good sign!

i am hoping it is offered (and DH gets a super new job) and i can talk him into going again!!


it was 1st of april last year and the year before! there will be tons of rumors soon, i bet!


I think it was march or April. Waiting also.


You can receive a free dining plan?
How do you get involved with such a deal?


When I spoke with a CM last week they stated that they have high hopes it will come out in arly spring. Dee also spoke with a CM and told her the same thing…


The bounce back offer was from 8/30 - 9/30.
If they offer the free dining to the general public like they did last year, we should see that around april or so.


Over the last couple years, Disney has offered “free dining” to those who book a vacation package (must include at least 1-day MYW pass and a stay at a Disney resort) for a trip that falls within certain dates in August/September.

It’s really a great deal, if you can take your trip within those dates! That’s why a lot of us are hoping they offer it again this year, but no guarantees.


If you have a Chase/Disney Visa, you’ll get an advance booking period from early March or so until April and a warning/announcement sometime in February if memory serves.


I need a Chase Visa…


We are bouncing back this Sept. I really hope they offer it again. My mom has decided to go with us this Sept. They are planning to purchase the dining plan anyway, but I would love for them to get it for free.


So cool! I did not know that! I had been applying for a long time. Finally we got a Chase/Disney Visa in DH’s name! Woo Hoo!



i think it’s just if it is offered - it’s not a guarantee. i hope you get it!!