Any success with Waiting Lists?


Has anyone ever had much success with being on a waiting list for a particular room category at a particular resort? Just wondering if it ever works…


You mean as in “booked at SSR in a studio, but waiting for BCV”? If so, yes. We have made four trips using DVC and have either got thru with a waitlist or just callling at the seven month mark. Our trips were (or will be) sept, dec, april and this sept.


Thank you!


I am on some waiting lists too for October, but I am fairly certain they won’t come through for a 2 bedroom :frowning:


We were on a waitlist for every DVC because I booked so late. I saw on their travel website that Disney offers DVC accomodations to non DVC parties and I had a melt down. I didn’t realize it at the time that they have the right to do this and emailed DVC a not so nice email venting my frustrations with the waitlist. I received a phone call from a DVC rep and lo and behold, she was able to get us accomodations at SSR. We’re still on the waitlist for BCV but are lucky to have anything at all. I’m not proud of the email I sent but it got us accomodations!


We booked a weekend way past 7 months and couldn’t get BCV so we took BWV and waitlisted BCV. A week later BCV came through for us. If you are waitlisted keep checking on line, it shows up there well before the new reservation comes in the mail.


We have our first DVC trip next month to OKW, and have been on a wait list for months to try and do a split-stay between OKW & BWV for the 8 nights of our trip–so far, no luck. We were told they likelihood was low due to the Food & Wine Festival going on during our trip, but we’re still hoping. Either way, it will be a great vacation, we were just hoping to be able to let my oldest DD go down the clown slide @ BWV.

One question: we are inside our 11-month window and have a trip planned at our home resort. Can we advise DVC of our request to switch to our non-home resort now, or do we have to wait for the 7-month reservation window to open before requesting another resort?


We’ve gotten our waitlist twice. One time was in August '06 I believe and we got into the Boardwalk Villas last minute on the waitlist and the other time was for Wilderness Lodge Villas a couple of January’s ago. We had been on the waitlist since booking and both came through at the last minute, with within 2 weeks of travel.

We are both PRAYING and hoping that a waitlist will show up for our October trip. I like Old Key West but we both desperately want to get into AKV or Beach Club. [keeping my fingers crossed]


That is GREAT advice and very true! Both times we got our waitlist I saw it on-line before anyone informed us. :laugh: I don’t believe they even call you to tell you, they automatically update your reservation if something comes through. They will send you an updated confirmation in the mail but most likely you will notice it on your DVC membership website (“under vacation points”) first. I LITERALLY having been checking everyday in hopes to see something new. I just hit the 30 day mark and that’s when a lot of cancellations go through so we’ll see!


We booked SSR for the ffirst part of our vacation then booked day by day at the 7 month window for AKV. We had to book our last night back at SSR and were put on the wait list for our last night for AKV. It came through about 5 weeks later. :mickey:


I booked my trip 11 months out at SSR in 2006. My friend tried to switch my ressie 7 months out to VWL, BCV or BWV to no avail. I was waitlisted for all three resorts. They never came through. :crying: It was the first week of December, which is a VERY busy DVC time, though.


I’ve been waitlisted for TWO studios the week of Christmas (yah…I know, it’s never gonna happen, but I am still trying to be optimisic, lol) Right now we have one studio at SSR and one at OKW (the rest of our group will be staying at OKW) I’ll let you know if we get lucky and it comes through (fingers crossed!)


Since I bought DVC so late Im on a wait list for Dec trip. I have a studio for 3 days and then to a 1 bd for 2 nights and then back to a studio for 2 nights so I am on the wait list for a studio for the WHOLE stay and hopefully it happens because I do not want to have to get my luggage every few days and move as well as my purple locker :laugh:


OK, can someone PLEASE tell me what a Purple Locker is?? I’ve seen this on other threads, and I just get ignored when I ask the question. :laugh:


I have always gotten what I asked for. Definetly get on a waiting list if you prefer another resort.


Here it is: :blush:

Owner’s Locker - The Purple Place for Storing Your Vacation Stuff.?