Any suggestions for BCV


DH and I will be staying at the BCV studio for the first time in February. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a room selection we should ask for? We were hoping to get something where we could see illuminations, is that possible?


There are some partial views of Epcot but it’s not an official booking category so I’m not sure if you can request it when you book. However, you can tell the CM who checks you in what you are looking for and I’m sure they will see what’s available. We’ve had all kinds of. views at BCV and they are all good in their own way. If you don’t get the Epcot view try taking an evening walk down by the lake or over toward Boardwalk for a view of Illuminations.


Thank Disney Teacher for your help and suggestions.


Last trip we had a studio and we were on the third floor and had a really tiny balcony. We had the two chairs and table, but everything was close. Also there wasn’t any solid divider between the balcony. No privacy at all. I felt like I should have offered my neighbor some coffee or something. (or asked if they had any grey poupon :biggrin:

So if sitting out is important to you, ask about the size of the balcony.


So are the balconies at VWL. This is why I try to get a first floor unit. More leg room for my 6’3" frame.


Another reason the balconies at OKW spoil you for anything else…I digress.

BCV is one resort where there doesn’t seem to be too many primo locations…we always seem to end up looking out over the lawn in between the Villas and the main resort…but ask…never hurts to ask…


Thanks for your help everyone.


While some folks complain about the road outback, we love the back “Epcot” view - but only if we are on the 4th or 5th floor. The windows will be rattling from the fireworks.

We avoid the lower floors - especially the 1st floor.


Elmo, thanks for the help. I’ll make sure I ask for one of the higher floors.