Any thots on The Wave at the Contemporary?


I have booked The Wave for dinner on Thanksgiving. Just wondering if anyone has eaten there and what they think of the food.


We just ate there on 9/16. Four of us in our dinner party and we all thought the food was good. We each had something different, from fish, chicken and beef and we all enjoyed our meal. It was our first time eating there. Also I thought the decor was fab.


Would you go back? Just curious if people would return there… then it is worth it.


DH and I agreed we would go back. Very enjoyable.


We were there in August for breakfast and enjoyed it. Will be going back in January for sure. Not foe dinner, but breakfast again.


My family and I went to The Wave not too long after it opened. I have to admit that I felt out of place having my kids there with us. It was very quite and my kids were far from quiet so that made our dinner not so enjoyable. Plus, there were very few kids there if any when we ate there.

Our food was good, no complaints.

Drinks are DELICIOUS!! I actually prefer just going there for cocktails and sitting in the blue lounges off of the bar. It is perfect for my kids because the lounges are like little caves and they won’t disturb anyone there if it is early or late enough. You can order food on the bar side as well.

I have heard that their breakfast buffet is wonderful, but I have yet to talk DH into going. We usually stay at FW in our camper so there really is no need to eat out for breakfast.

One day…


Did you notice if they had the buffet on the menu? I don’t see it on an online menu.


We had dinner there shortly after it opened. For myself - it was ok - I’d probably try it again - for my dh - he hated it. I’m just more tolerant than he is.:glare: I mean, it wasn’t awful, but the menu was quite restricted - not many choices. I had the pork tenderloin and it was good. DH had a steak when was just sort of - meh. There was some sort of bean mash with his and it was just - odd.

One thing I did love was the dessert - Creamy Indulgence. That was one of the best desserts I’ve had at WDW. I’d go for drinks and dessert again, but I don’t think I could convince DH to go back for dinner. It wasn’t terrible - it was just not memorable.


Thank you for all the input. It is so hard to find something different for Thanksgiving. My boys are not big fans of traditional Thanksgiving fare. I must admit our best Thanksgiving meal at WDW was 3 years ago when we went to the California Grill. But I did not want to use 2 table services since we are already doing the Candlelight Processional and eating at Teppan Edo for two table services.
I am still open to suggestions if any one has any!


Do you have a favourite kind of food - like do you all love Italian? or Mexican…if that’s the case, I’d take your favourite kind and book into one of the country restaurants at Epcot.


Sure do have the buffet. I have to have a variety and it certainly was an assortment.


DW and I ate there and will not return. We found the food to be bland and the service was poor. Maybe we had an off day as many here like the joint.

None the less - we won’t go back.


This would be my suggestion too.
The best meal i’ve ever had on T’giving Day was at a restaurant in Lil’ Italy in Windsor, Canada. And I love traditional T’giving foods. Well almost, we fry or smoke our turkeys…no baking here, and dressing is a must…no stuffing :wink:
What park will you be in that day? Maybe look at something in that park or a resort close by.


DGF and I ate there sometime in May (I think) and we LOVED it. In fact, it was one of our top 5 meals at the WDW Resort ever.

And that’s saying a LOT.

The food was amazing but the service was average. The waitress was attentive, but kind of “short” with us. Not angry, mean or rude, but not overly friendly.

Either way, it was still one of our top 5 meals ever. They do a great job over there and we will definitely eat there again.


Boy, the opinions are really varied on this. I need a restaurant that is not in a park. We always spend Thanksgiving at DTD Christmas shopping so I don’t want to waste a day on a park. I love a good steak or some salmon not really into ethnic cuisine. I have never been to the restaurants in Swan or Dolphin though.


We did Thanksgiving at the Dolphin 5 years ago- it was a buffet in a huge ballroom and they had characters. Food was great.


The planked salmon at Artist’s Point in WL is delicious. Such a beautiful setting too.


Our favorite is California Grill, but you will get a wide variety of opinions for that one too! We never miss it on every trip.


DH went there on our adult only anniversary trip this past May. We decided to sit at the bar and have drinks and apps. The service was soooooo bad! There were 4 bartenders and after we sat no one came over to us. Another couple sat next to us and the same thing. They finally got up and walked out. I eventually called a bartender over - he took our drink order, gave us our drink & walked away and never came back. So we never ordered an app. We had to flag down another bartender to get our bill. On the bright side, the drinks were great! Given that experience I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get DH to go back there for dinner!
(BTW - after that we hopped on the monorail & went to the Tambu Lounge at the Poly and had Mai Tai’s there & the bartender was super friendly!!)


We had dinner and breakfast there. I can say,breakfast was way better than dinner. I would not go back for dinner but I would for breakfast. We had things sent back and they still did not come out right.