Any thoughts on Grosvenor Resort?


It’s Thursday PM and my DH and I were wondering what to do this weekend when it dawned on both of us that we WANNA GO TO WDW!!!
So, we’re going, but all the Disney resorts are booked up so we’re staying at the Grosvenor. Anyone here ever stayed and if so what did you think??
We’re going on Sat. a.m (it’s a 3 hour drive) and coming back Mon. pm.


I have never stayed there, but a great site to check out is It gives reviews of hotels from everyday people who have styaed there. I’ve used it and it has been right on the money every time.


I think our own tragic312 stayed there before…you might want to PM her and ask about it.

Have a great weekend, btw. :mickey:


It looks nice… We stayed one night at the Royal Plaza at DTD and it was fine. Have fun!


Here’s an update. The Grosnover is very conveniently located across the street from DTD, but is NOT a Disney hotel. It was ok, but kind of drab and overpriced. I would not go back.


I’ve stayed there and it was the hotel that made my wife and I promise to never stay anywhere other than Disney Properties. It was junky when we were there. Run down with poor service. The room smelled and the bus system for those hotels is AWFUL!

I’d probably opt for anything other having been there.