Any thoughts on Wolfgang Puck Express


We are going to be at Saratoga Springs 7/29-8/5. We have the dining plan. IM thinking we might use WP Express for some of our counter meals as Downtown is so close to the resort.

Specifically Im interested in the wait times, busy periods, and choices for two boys 6 and 4. Is there take out? Plenty of seating? Any pitfalls or gems on the menu?

This place seems to get high marks in the counter service threads.


Yum! My son always gets fries but I’m sure less picky kids could find something. We have never had to wait long, the line seems to move as fast as any counter service place.

Don’t for get Earl is right there too.


I love WPE…I went on a shopping trip to the Lego Store with my DS7 two years ago in the evening…we went to WPE…now, the line was Long, but my DS7 held a table for us while I stood in line…I could see him the whole time, sitting there, talking to himself, playing at the table, etc. while I was waiting. It was fine.

The food, however, was Excellent. The pizzas are individual size, and I dont believe they have a kids menu, so your kids can get whatever they want…there were Many choices, really nice pasta salads, sandwiches hot and cold, I believe, well, better to look at the menu, but I’m just saying everything looked amazingly FRESH - and this was on a hot night. I would bet your two boys could happily split a pizza and dessert, and net you extra CS meals!

We highly recommend. If you have not checked out the menu on AllEars, do so, but think “impressive” before each item listed.

Have fun!


We haven’t had the chance to try it yet but we have heard nothing but good things about it and the waits never seemed long from what I have read


We went there in '06 and loved it. It was simple and fast, yet had good food and was a good value.


We LOVE WPE!! It is my favorite counter service at Disney because the food is so much more than the burgers/fries/pizza you get everywhere else. We’ve never waited in a line there either. My kids like everything on their menu. We usually just get a few adult meals and then we all share–usually the rosemary chicken with garlic mashed potatoes (it’s huge!) and the 4 cheese macaroni and cheese. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! YUMMY!!


LOVE it! Certainly a step above the regular counterservice. The salads are excellent! And the chicken dinner with garlic mashed potatoes is yummy. My dd always gets the gourmet mac & cheese. I always have a hard time choosing between Earl of Sandwich & Puck’s. Both are terrific. Like everything else at Disney, it can be packed or it can be empty - no way to really tell. We’ve never waited more than 10 minutes - there’s lots of seating outside.


I agree! Great CS . . . yum! :heart:


During the daytime, I’ve never seen any really long lines here. Plus, I believe that they now have more inside air conditioned seating than they used to.


They do, when we were there in June there was a lot more inside seating.


WPE is my absolute favorite:wub: CS in all of WDW!!!

We have never waited for lunch at WPE, ever! Always found a seat and always love,:wub: love , :wub:love:wub: the food!

Our favorites are:

Lasagna - OMGosh! Some of the best I’ve had. A a huge portion to boot!
Pasta Bolognese - OMGosh! Yummy!!!
BBQ Quesadilla - Yummy
Chicken and garlic mashed potatoes - really good!
Wood fired Pizza - Yummo!!!
Meatball hoagie - good
Carrot Cake - OMGosh, the best I’ve had!

DH and I like the Pasta Bolognese and Lasagna so much we rarely order anything else!:laugh: But we always order the Carrot Cake!

I believe that WPE is the best value and has the best selections available. It is always a must do on our trips every time, sometimes even twice.:happy:


We had a wait once before the renovation, but other times it was almost walk up. I think the renovation is a positive as it less confusing, more organized. I think you should be fine. Depending on where you are staying,one thing to keep in mind is that while “as the bird flies” it is a short distance from any point at SS, there is not a direct path since the lake is between SS and DTD. There is a path between SS and DTD and it is nicely landscaped etc, it is not a “5 minute” dash over and dash back type of thing.


I am kinda glad not too many people have caught on to how wonderful this place is.:blush: Let it be our MB best kept secret from the rest of the world.:ph34r::laugh:


YUM!! we liked the one on the west side so much!!! the kids had kids meals - and loved them! Dh had meatloaf that was amazing and I had the macadamia nut chicken (at least that sounds right, it’s been almost a year, boohoo) - wow, it was all soooo good! Highly recommend WPE!! it didn’t take too long to get our food, and would have been worth a way longer wait for sure!


We discovered about a year ago that there’s a Wolfgang Puck Bistro about 45 minutes from where we live. We’ve been wanting to go, and this thread has made me think about WPE too much lately! We decided to head there to eat today. The menu is very similar to WPE Marketplace. We had the rosemary chicken and garlic mashed potatoes and the macaroni and cheese. It was soooo good! We went with my cousin and her husband who both met while working in WDW. None of us can wait to go back!


Lucky you . … I wonder where other locations are . . . have to check the website!! :happy:


The one we ate in today is in south Charlotte. Look at the Wolfgang Puck website. Seems like there’s a map that shows different locations.