Any thoughts?


I am thinking of bailing out and taking Jetblue’s rates at $277.00 X 4= $1108 total for our Christmas trip. It is a far cry from the $542.00 for four we have for our July trip! I am starting to get happy feet! Should I take a swig from the “Old cowboy whisky” bite the bullet and wait to see if I can grab the internet rate with Southwest or bail out with JetBlue? Comments?


I have heard (never gone then myself) that trips that time of year are just expensive. My best friend got a rate of $185 (I think form Providence, but it could have been Boston) and she thought that was phenomenal. Have you thought about trying Manchester or Providence?


I would take the $277, we had to pay $307 out of Hartford for September (for six it was $1842-crazy!!!). I got really nervous about what was to come with the rising fuel costs and with gas going up another $.10 this week, you could be taking a huge risk. Southwest is taking their time and I say, do what’s best for your wallet!


I am thinking of hanging in a few more days and seeing if anything happens with Southwest. I much rather go JetBlue, if it comes clear that there is not much difference between the two I will go with JB. But its hard seeing JB’s December rates up and not doing anything with them! :noo:


If southwest isn’t out yet, I’d hang in there. Remember wha we both got grabbing those rates for June and July when they first came out. I think it’s worth hanging on a little while longer.