Any tips for hot weather trips?


Our trip is coming up soon (May 1) and I’m a little concern about the hot weather. Last week it was 81 at disney so I’m guessing when we go it will be 127. Not really, but it does seem that the once the temps. reach 85 or so, I melt. So any tips to deal with it. I’m thinking we may go on Ellen’s energy adventure a lot just to cool off and we have a couple of TS meals at lunch. But what about wandering around? Thanks.


get one of those Water bottle misters ( you can get them cheaper at walmart and when your feeling too hot just spray yourself

If you can find them they have bandanas that you soak in water and keep you cool ( you soak them for like 15 minutes in cold ice water and they last all day

drink plenty of water
take a break in the middle of the day and go back to your resort for a swim or just go to another resort for a late lunch and do exploring


Make sure to stay well hydrated. When we go in august it is always in the 90’s. we start out as early as possible because in the heat you wilt fast. we take water with us to the park and try to take breaks in air conditioned attractions or rides when possible. We usually last until a little after lunch. Then we go back to the resort for a swim and rest break in our air conditioned room. Then we are energized and ready to go for the evening. Also, did you know that you can get cups of ice water for free at any CS location? That can be a lifesaver.


Like everyone has said make sure to stay well hydrated.

Getting dehydrated on a hot day down there can really put a damper on your vacation. It takes a while to recover.

Your TS/lunches are also a great idea, espically if you can’t get back to your resort for a break.


Sit down in a shady spot for about 5-10 minutes periodically throughout the day if you’re determined to stay at a park all day and not go back to cool down at your hotel room.


Fill water bottles about 3/4 and freeze them. Then cary them around w/you thru the day. DW likes the fans also. We build in rest/pool time every day. (we go in June).


Well, I have never been there when it was 127 degrees but lots of water as everyone said. I also think for me it would give me good reason to stop for my favorite - Ice Cream! lol :mickey:


That’s funny because that’s everyday at work for me! :laugh:


I wear linen on those days, or 100% cotton. And we find shade a lot, plus run in the water fountains. The misters are great, a cold water bottle helps, and our super-secret weapon:
Those little biscuit-sized washrags they sell at Disney Stores or at all the shops at WDW!
We keep them in the fanny packs, and then open on hot days, get them wet and sort of wash the heat off…


Do NOT do a character buffet for breakfast if you are going to tour the parks that day. You will feel so full that you won’t be able to move at all.


Since I have started running in hot weather, I would never think about wearing cotton. When it gets wet it sticks to you the rest of the day, becoming extremely uncomfortable. Try looking in sporting goods stores for something that wicks the moisture away. Running store outlets are my favorite. The shirts made in these fabrics are pricier than cotton, but a sleveless top is the cheapest one they would make.


It’s funny we had such a good time on our July trip I think I blocked out the heat issue. Now that I am thinking about it I remember we really hit the parks hard. One day when we were in MGM I was so hot and tired from doing too much. I was grouchy to my family and I could just not stand it any more. We were starting to go into the Honey Shrunk playground. I could not find any place to sit. So I went back in the gift shop exit area for the backlot tour. I sat down on the floor off to the side and fell asleep! I had obviously been doing too much.

Anway, those water misters were good for us as was drinking a lot of water. This was our first trip to WDW and I just had to see everything. Since you have been there more I would for sure get to the parks early and go back to the resort in the peak of the hot day returning at night.


I can not imagine being that hot all the time. :mickey:


We went 4th of July week one year and it was HOT!! Even at 9am, it was HOT! Like everyone said cold water is the best. Especially for the kids, DD seems to get really hot alot quicker than we do, so I had bought a fanny pack for her that held a water bottle. She thought it was so cool to have her own water bottle that she drank from it often.

We toured the parks in the am and then went back to the resort to swim. Unfortunately the water in the pool was just as hot as it was outside!!!

It was fun to go back to the parks at night after the sun went down. And since we were there in July the parks were open late.


The only other thing that I would add is to bring an extra allotment of patience. We’ve been during the first week of June twice and the heat & humidity were through the roof (one week featured record high temps). The biggest thing we noticed were the guests’ short tempers and even the CM’s weren’t their normal selves; the heat just takes so much out of everyone.



Everyone has covered the basics very well. The only one I would add is to cut through the air conditioned gift shops as you walk along. Gives you a quick respite from the heat.

And I can’t emphasize the hydration enough. I almost suffered heat stroke once at WDW. I went to buy a water bottle just to soak the neck wrap in and it was only then that I realized I hadn’t had any water in quite a while. I actually got disoriented and forgot to drink water!
Remember: by the time you feel thirsty, you’re past the need for more water. Keep drinking, drinking, drinking.


So your advice is to drink heavily …


It may not be AS BAD as you think it will be in May, although if you aren’t used to Florida heat and humidity it might be comfortable for you and your family. We’ve had to go in August the past two years and let me tell you, talk about HEAT, humidity, and RAIN! It’s TERRIBLE.

-We wore a lot of light colored clothes during the day and saved black shirts and dark colors for night time.

  • Drink PLENTY of water, meaning A LOT! Even if you don’t FEEL thristy if your body isn’t used to it you can go dehydrated really fast.

  • Get a spray mister. I’ve seen families that have little mist bottles with fans that can hang around your neck now.

  • Build a break into the middle of your day to go back to the resort and take a swim or relax in your A/C room.

  • Try to keep a low sodium diet while you are there, and eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegis.


We were at AK, and they sell small shrunk wrapped wash cloths. They are perfect in size to get wet and have on the back of your neck. We discovered that the water fountains with the white square base are much colder than the rest. Keep a mental note of whenever you see one, refill your water bottles and re-wet your washcloths.


Like everyone else has said, water, water, water. We also tried to plan our days so that we were doing air-conditioned shows during the hottest (usually early afternoon) part of the day.

Also, I know some people have mentioned those little washcloths to wipe away the sweat. We carried wet ones or kleenex body wipes (kind of like baby wipes) with us and used those to freshen up when we were feeling really gross and couldn’t get back to the room for a break. It made me feel a lot better!