Any Tips/hints?


Hi friends,
My auntie and her family are going to Disneyland Paris for a few days this coming wednesday and I was just wondering if any of you out there could give me any advice on must do’s, secrets of the park ( such as tom sawyers island, WDW, and the paintbrush) type of thing. Any fave restaurants, meals etc etc. Do they have a dinner package like they do for Fantasmic?

Any help will be greatly appreciated :flowers:

Big hugs to you all xxx


just wanted to say a big “thanks” for everyones kind tips and advice…NOT!!! Certainly won’t go on the Paris forum again. Seems its well and truly dead :crying:



Sorry. I just didn’t spot this thread. I’ve been there a dozen times. Is it too late to help now??:sad:


hi Towncar T, yeah, unfortunately it is. They came home yesterday. An honest thanks to you though for at least acknowledging me! :flowers:


Next time! :flowers:


l have not see this topic , next time l will give you some tips

R :mickey: NALD


Sorry, love, didn’t see your post! I hope they had a wonderful time!


No worries buddy. They did have a lovely time thanks and I will be seeing all their pics later in the week…just to get my fix! :smile:


Shame on me! :ohmy: I am really sorry because I could have helped you! It is necessary that I consult disney central assiduement !!
The next time I promises to you that I will help you! so don’t hesitate to put your questions!!! :mickey: