Any updates to trip reports?!


You know how it is watching a tv series the time between Thanksgiving and January brings commercial, coming attractions and fill-ins but no new updates. Well that’s how I’m feeling on trip reports…

There are few, fantastic writers I might had, who may be busy trying to catch up after being gone, but those of us who enjoy reading your reports are missing you…

Since this is a 3 day holiday weekend for many (well the Banks, and government), any chance we’ll read some news, see some new pictures? No pressure - it’s just fun reading your reports! thanks!


If you can wait two months, I will be doing a super dooper trip report (my first) in March for the ten days in Disneyland and California Adventure this February… :pirate:


I really didn’t think anyone was reading mine, that’s why I stopped. If you want more just let me know.


you get back to work on that report missy. I love reading them. I don’t always comment until it’s finished. I feel my comments get lost in the day-to-day reporting and I want to comment on the entire report. Please do continue…I really want to hear the rest. :wub:


I know how you feel. You write some posts and it seems as if it is invisible as no-one makes any comments. But with a long trip like ours is probably as Dana says, they maybe waiting for some more days.


Hey I am right there with you!! I wrote the report but was not sure if anyone was really interested! Hopefully you guys enjoyed reading it!


I just updated mine if anyone is interested. I think it’s too wordy but I did my best