Any whispers of 2011 deals?


Forgive me if this has been asked, I looked, but didn’t see anything in my quick look.

Has anyone heard of any deals that might be popping back up for 2011? I’m thinking about planning a trip for the 7 of us cries at the thought of the cost since I’m sure this might be the last yr my soon to be 11 yr old, is a ‘child’ and is willing to be super silly at WDW. You know, she can’t be a baby forever:blink: per said 11 yr old. lol.

I’m just trying to get some ideas going and mull over saving up the $$ that will surely run into the $3k-$4k range for this family to go.



There are deals running right now. check Discounted rooms and I think I just saw a deal for kids dine free if you use a disney mastercard.

Disney typically runs the “free dining” I think during the Fall.


some MBers got the kids stay and eat free deal for 2011.

Look for threads posted yesterday.


I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a free dining offer for later next fall.


i just changed my ressies from off-site to on-site with the kids r free deal. (i was looking for any excuse to stay on property!) We went through mouseketrips and got a good deal. I just heard from our travel guy…Keith…the best…and he saved my friend another $112!!! I am so excited!!!


Hmm…might have to look into the kids eat free thing. I’ve got 5 kids, I bet there’s a cap especially if they see me coming. :laugh:


I think when they say kids eat free, it means those kids 9 and under. Am I right?

Disney really has it all figured out. . .


its not kids eating free, its kids tickets in the park are free…sorry for the confusion


that’s a good deal.


Disney Rewards Offers Details Page

I think it’s a good deal for a family of 4 with 2 little ones. The 5 of us can’t stay at a Value. It does say check other resorts and dates.


We are a family of 5 and we have stayed at a value with two rooms adjoining. It was nice to have two bathrooms and enough beds for everyone!


I definitely agree!


Free dinning deal ended Dec. 20th. It may come back out though


would this special cost $2000 for a family of 4? And it don’t even include food, nevermind.


The current deals are Kids Stay and Play free or up to 40% off rack room rates. Both of these run various dates until 10-1-2011. I’m hoping they’ll extend the room rate discount for our trip next November/December. The trip we want is $4600 full price (2 adults, 2 children ages 3 & 1 at the time of travel, 7 nights @ Beach Club the week after Thanksgiving). EEK! Always watch Mousesavers for the available discounts. They do a great job of updating the day they become available. Good luck in your planning!


This special is $2000 for a family of 4 at a Value resort, oh my.


OK - I was already booked for March 12th - 19th. I just called about the Kids Stay and Play Free with 4 Night Package. I saved $480. That is the first time I ever got ANY discount from WDW trip - I am stoked.


Yay!!! Isn’t it nice when Disney gives you some hard earned money back? With those savings you can take me with you, lol!!!


i had to switch from AS Movies to AS Music but do not care.


Good for you! We like Music the best of the 3.

This deal seems like a good one if anyone was planning to go around that time anyway. It still hasn’t jumped out at me enough to plan a special trip for it though. But then again my kids aren’t kids at Disney either so it’d only be room discount for us.:sad: