Any word on free dining For 2012?


Any word on free dining 2012? :confused:


People are starting to get PIN codes for it, but no word on a VISA or general public release yet. It should be soon if they do it again this year.


Thanks Dana. We are going on a cruise this year but if free dining pops up we may have to get some WDW in.


I’m concerned about going during free dining. The dining plans don’t work for us, so there is no financial benefit to us. And I worry that crowded restaurants may mean lower quality on the dishes and rushed atmosphere.


When is free dining LEAST likely to be offered?

Because, you know, I have less than 650 days until my trip and I like to stay on top of these things. :laugh:


We went last year without the free dining and it cost us a fortune. We said we will only go with free dining they keep raising prices its getting cheaper to take a cruise or go to an island sadly.

There is to much to see in this world.


I would LOVE to see some free dining come out during the time we are down there…


Got a pin code for stays through the spring, but we’re going week after Thanksgiving this year. Any chance we’ll get another one for the Winter?


We went the second week of September last year, and there was no free dining. The next week started free dining in which my Brother and his wife went. In comparing crowds, it was night and day. Our week, totally empty. Longest wait was 10 minutes, while Brother was astonished at the crowds for September, not being able to walk up to any restaurant, and long lines for the rides. He said he would never go during free dining again. Not worth it.