Anybody buy a refilable mug lately at All_Stars


We are heading to out in about 5 days. We still have or mug from last year All-Stars black with some purple. Anybody been there lately and purchase one are they still the same?


Even if they aren’t the same,bring the mugs anyway. The soda island is outside the area where you pay for your food,so they have no way of controlling what kind of cups get used. I have filled up my mugs right in front of Disney CM’s and they haven’t said a thing to me.


Yeah we have used mugs form other years, so don’t worry about it


Thanks guys. So what if u did not have one are u saying u can just use any mug or bottle.


Does anyone know what the current CBR mug looks like?


I’ve never done that but I would guess you could get away with it, I’d say as long as it semi looks like one of their mugs they won’t care, but if its a big coleman cooler, then you may have a problem


I have a mug from last year that we bought at typhoon lagoon and it had a barcode for refills, and it was also good at blizzard beach. would we be able to use it this year at WL? Do we have to get another barcode?


We did not need a barcode at All-Stars.


This is usually a hugely debated topic. I would not use just any mug or bottle. JMHO


Check this out for descriptions of all refillable mugs.


I would not use just any mug either just making a comment. Well we have our mug packed from last year ready to go. tomorrow tomorrow


Thanks for the link noahsark Go figure it talks about all the other resorts describing the colors but not All Stars oh well it is coming with us anways


What’s the difference between the “standard” and “travel” mugs?


Standard is the short and fat one and the travel is the taller one with a slimer bottom to fit into your cars cup holder


Have a magical time!! :slight_smile: