Anybody else celebrating!



This Friday is Walt’s 107th Birthday. We just decided to have our Disney Freak friends over (kids and all) for cake to celebrate. Does anybody else do something like this?:whistling

I would love to hear how everybody celebrates.:huh:



I’ve never thought of celebrating Walt’s birthday. Cute idea.


I’m glad you posted this thread. I am excited to hear the responses.

Actually, we are not celebrating his birthday on his day…but, we are celebrating during an annual fundraiser this coming year in April. I know that sounds weird, but every sponsor picks a month and themes it around a holiday or event. Our months this year are November & December and of course our themed event is Walt’s & Mickey’s Birthdays!!!:goofybounce:

We have around 150 - 200 people. We decorate every place setting and have gifts for all the ticket holders. I can’t wait!:happy:

So anyone who has ideas on table settings, centerpieces, food, etc. or suggestions on what we could do for Walt & Mickeys Birthdays would be a big help.

Here are some photos of previous years (Earth Day & Hollywood Awards):


Well, that’s a hard day for me. When I was younger & even as I matured into High School my Grandma and I would ALWAYS do something ‘a lil’ Disney’ on December 5th; watch a Disney movie, make Mickey pancakes, something… Well, my first serious boyfriend’s birthday ended up being December 5th also & I used to think it was ‘so cool’ that they shared the same birthday. Well, unfortunately that boyfriend died of a brain aneurysm on Valentine’s Day my senior year in HS so December 5th has never been the same for me. :pinch: My Grandmother is no longer alive either, whom I used to celebrate with, so yeah I always remember on Dec. 5th who’s birthdays it was but it’s a weird day for me. :pinch:


This is an easy one for mw. My youngest DD shares her birthday with Walt.
As a matter of fact she will be “5” on the 5th.

She is going with DW, DMIL and my other 2 DD’s to a tea party to celebrate.