Anybody fly from Boston (or anywhere) lately?


I have to make a trip for work next week, and to get some sightseeing done I booked an insanely early flight out of Boston (to San Francisco). I was at first worried about traffic getting to the airport (courtesy of the Big Dig issue here) but now that I calmed down about that I have to worry about extra long security lines. I usually fly out of Providence, but couldn’t get a direct flight out of there. I had planned on arriving 2 hours early anyway, but will I have to be even earlier?? How are the security lines lately?


when you go to SF, make sure you go see alcatraz…


I know ingamba just flew in/out of Boston a few weeks ago. It was before the big airline scare, but he could probably atleast tell you about the big dig traffic.


Yes, I did fly in and out of Boston just under a month ago. Like Crystal said, it was before the airline scare, and Maggie, you are aware that I did because you gave me some advice about getting there.

I think as far as that Big Dig issue goes, that shouldn’t be a problem if you just allow yourself some extra time for traffic. But the new security issues are a whole nother ball game. I imagine the key to that too, is just allow yourself plenty of time. There is nothing worse than rushing for fear of being late. When it comes to air travel, I’d rather be in a situation where I have time to kill, than worry about missing my flight.


Haven’t heard how the big dig has affected flights.

For a quick sightseeing idea, go to my Trip Report when I was in San Francisco this past February…

Have fun!


I just got off the phone with my ex who was getting ready to fly out of SFO. He gave himself 3 hours and was glad he didn’t cut the time. He said there was more confusion (on the passengers side, not TSA) than he thought there should have been about what passengers shouldn’t be bringing. Some people were getting their knickers in a twist over some things that had to be checked or tossed (like they had been in a cave and had no idea). And people that were waiting in line behind these people were getting angry at the ones that played dumb about it because of the unecessary delays.

If you are on your way to SFO and will be staying in the city or on the peninsula, be sure to bring something warm to wear. It has been cool, and the forecast is holding into next week. It won’t even reach 70 this week (but where I am only a few miles as the crow flies, it’s a perfect in the mid 80’s).


A friend of ours just flew from Logan to Chicago and back (United) and she said security wasn’t really a problem at all. Lines seemed to be fairly consistent with what they’d always been.

As for the Big Dig. I live in Southie. You should be ok coming up from Providence, but you need to remember to take the Haul Road into South Boston (normally reserved for Taxis and commercial vehicles), then you can take Ramp A into the Tunnel of Doom. :wink:

If you need better directions than that, let me know.


I just booked with United from Tampa to California and they told me to be there 3 hours before the flight.


Had a co-worker fly out of newark this morning, he said it wasn’t as bad as the TV made it seem, he does recommend giving yourself at least two hours to get through security and if you can check do check…


I was just wondering if anyone has any info on the Las Vegas airport. My mom and dad are in Vegas and have been since the day before the terror attempt.

My mom has been calling daily. She is very nervous about the trip home Wednesday. I keep telling her by then it probably will not be bad since most people should know what they need to do by then.

She gets really nervous because she was in the air on the way to Vegas on 9/11 and they had to bring her plane down in Dallas. They had to walk from the airport to a hotel and stay in Dallas a couple of days until they were able to get a rental car.


Thanks for all the responses, but here is my big issue. My flight leaves at 6:25am!!! I figured that early it would only be about 45 minutes to the airport (by taxi, so I’m not too worried about directions), but if I allow 3 hours I would have to leave at 2:45am!!! I was planning on 3:45 (I usually wake up at 4:10 for work anyway, so not so much of a difference), but now I’m worried about being too tired for my one chance at sightseeing and then really tired at work on Monday.


Okay, this is going to sound weird, but what airline are you flying? My experiences at Logan have vastly differed depending on the airline. (Lived there for 13 years; flew out way too often, both pre and post 9/11.)

That being said, it is worth calling the airline and finding out what time security opens. Often time airports do not open security until 5am. I would also check in on line the night before and curb check your bags if curb check in is available. Also ask the airline what time their own ticket counter opens; again, often times not until 5am. So why waste your time getting there any earlier if this is the case?

And finally, you could not pay me enough money to be there any earlier than 5am for a domestic flight out of Logan, even with the new security measures in place!! Especially if I am traveling by myself and checking a bag.


Let me look it up (I travel so much for work these days I almost never know my details until right before I leave). It’s United.


You know, ever since they redid Terminal C, United seems to be moving along pretty quickly. (Hope I am not wrong when you fly!) I would check and see what time they open that check in counter, however. It is United that I was flying (out of another airport, granted) that told me to get to the airport very early for a 6am, and then did not open their counter until 5. Quite frustrating.

Good luck!!


I think I’ll call sometime this morning and see what info I can get. Batgirl - you’re new - welcome and where do you live? We’re in Sharon - halfway between Boston & Providence.


Oops - I actually just noticed you’re not all that new - just haven’t seen you around here much.


In order for the early flight to not totally trash your sleep schedule, I would suggest doing some power naps the day / night before.


OK I called the taxi for 3:45am (I usually wake up at 4:10 anyway - so not a stretch). I figure I’ll be at the airport at 4:30 for a 6:25am flight. If perhaps I miss it I can always get the next one (I get priority due to the arrangements my agency makes with the airlines) and I think that is just a couple of hours later. I’m pretty sure I’ll be OK that early though.

Thanks for all your input!


Maggie, I wouldn’t worry about missing a domestic flight with a 2 hr window. They are getting better every day about handling the new restrictions. The initial delays were strictly due to everyone being unfamiliar with the new protocol. One pilot sat and talked to my brother Friday in the airport. He told my brother they just needed a few more days to get some order and universality to the rules.

And even with it being only the second day of the new rules, our experience going through security was quite painless and quick. Word spread quickly among the passengers.

Course, DH got dangerously close to having a cavity search done. You know how suspicious he looks.


We’ll be flying out of Boston in late September, Disney bound, of course…
Hopefully the airport tunnels will be safe for travle by then… it’s a quick shot through the Ted Williams for us… I don’t plan on arriving more than 2 hours in advance of our flight… I’ve got small children…and hanging around the airport extra time trying to keep them occupied is not an easy thing…

We definitely plan to limit our carryons… We do DME and have the MNSSHP the evenign of our arrival…so I am going ot ship down a box of things we’ll need to get us throught the first 6-12 hours of our trip… (Halloween costumes, bathing suits, pajamas, toothbrush, change of clothes, Pull-Ups for my toddler, etc.) Usually DH brings a laptop…but he’s going to skip it this year… We’ll travel light… We are flying JetBlue, so at least there is some onboard entertainment even if we don’t bring any extra electronic gizmos…

I plan to go through security with just our cell phones, an exta Pull-Up for my 2 year old… I’m debating whether or not to bring the children’s special blankets or not… I think I will ship them down with my other first day stuff.

We’ve had trips where we’ve had to go through security with 2-3 carseats…this trip I’m also trying to decide whether or not to bring a carseat along for our son who will be 28 months for the trip… I’m pretty sure we’ll still be lugging THAT along… and we’ll have at least a double stroller to drag through security…