Anybody going next week?


Will be in the world the 29th - 6th. Anybody else?


Look at the “who’s going to WDW thread” :wink:


oooh… are you going to make another video???


Nope…but I wish I was!


That’s the only way we’ll let him go to WDW, he has to promise another great video report :wink:
I loved that report :wub:


We’ll be there! We check in on the 27th and are there until the 3rd!


Sorry my bad.:pinch:

I will be doing another video but my biggest challenge will be to keep it fresh.
I don’t want to redo the same thing. I’m not sure how am going to do this as I will be eating at most of the same locations.

I am so afraid I will let you guys down :laugh:


OK, I have to be an idiot! Where is that thread?


Yes, me, me, me!!! We’ll be there from 9/27-10/8! Soooo excited! I’m packing right now for my DD (well, taking a little break :slight_smile:


It is under Mousetrap - it took me a while to find it also. You are not an idiot!


We’re staying the 29th and out the next day. Just our yearly weekend trip to Food and Wine festival! Unfortunately, I have a midterm exam in my Public Relations Research class on Oct 1st. So, we’re not staying longer. We’ll be in England around Rose and Crown or in America at the Sam Adams hut for like 75% of the day on Sat. Join us for a beer!!!


My wife and I will be at the WIlderness Lodge Villas from Oct. 4th thru the 19th. Planning to spend Friday at our resort and Sat. at EPCOT.:mickey: :goofybounce:


Wish I was going then. We are not going till Christmas. Waiting patiently


OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! I wish it was next week for me too…but we’ve got 17 more days!!! We can’t wait!!:laugh: :mickey: