Anybody going to DLR on Jan 8th?



I have a quick question, is anybody going to Disneyland in Anaheim on Sunday January 8th? They are releasing a pin I’ve got to have, but I cannot push up the time I’m going. Due to the fact it’s a LE, I doubt they will have any left by my trip January 22nd. Anyway, if anyone is going and your willing to buy me a couple of pins (I’ll repay you the cost of the pin & shipping/ or we can trade!) please go ahead and contact me.

Merry Christmas!!!


Or you can also contact me by using one of the messagers I have listed in the corner. Whatever works :slight_smile:


Sorry…I’m not going to be there…but wanted to say WELCOME~! I’m sure that if any of our DC members are going they will be happy to pick up the pin for ya:)


Thanks anyway and thanks for the welcome! I’m still fairly new to this pin trading (I know all the rules though! :angel: ) But are there any other message boards out there dealing with like nothing but pins? (not to get off topic! LoL!!!)



Thank you :slight_smile: