Anybody have pictures of CS meals?


I know a hamburger pretty much looks the same everywhere, but since this trip will be all CS, I was thinking of some of the other offerings. WDW has really done a great job with adding foods other than hamburgers/ chicken fingers. Anybody?


The Dis boards have a thread going where people post pictures of their food. Just search for whatever restaurant you’re considering and they should have something.

The DIS Discussion Forums - Post your pictures of Disney Dining Food Here…


You know I didn’t think of doing a search, but I did look at the last 20 or so pages. I didn’t see any CS. I didn’t go back too far because I thought a picture of a sandwich from feb. of 2005 might not be the same now. Of course a picture from yesterday might not be the same next week too. But I will try the search it will at least give me a starting point. Thanks.

I just tried a search for Casey’s and up came an index of the restaurants posted.
Thanks so much for the tip.


Okay, now I’m hungry.


I had planned to take food pictures during my trip to include in a dining review but totally forgot about it once we got there. Before we left I was a little worried I would look weird taking pictures of all of our plates but then decided who cares no one knows me.


I don’t have a photo, but thought you might like a suggestion. Cosmic Rays has the MOST wonderful BBQ pork sandwich. They are so yummy!


WDWFood has pictures of WDW food :c)


OMG!!! :ohmy: All those photos of food…I have to go eat! As of now I saw 262 pages of posts & photos of food glorious food! I might have to change some of my ADR’s! :laugh: Try some new stuff next tiime…some great photos!


I don’t have pics, but if you’re looking for theme park CS locations with fare beyond the usual, our favorites are:

Epcot: Sunshine Seasons Food Court in The Land (awesome variety!)
MK: Cosmic Ray’s in Tomorrowland
AK: Flame Tree Barbeque

All of these have good (non-hamburger/hot dog) offerings.


Has anyone tried these two items?

flatbread grill (mgm) - Barbecued Pulled Pork Sub with Potato Chips $6.49

Pinocchio Village Haus (MK) -
Italian Sub Sandwich - capicola, ham, salami, Mortadella, Provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, and red onions on a Tuscan roll $7.09

And I don’t understand the “dole whip” thing. I thought it was bits of pineapple mixed into ice cream. If that’s right, do you have a choice of what kind of ice cream? So you can have chocolate with pineapple bits? That sounds yucky to me.

Dole Whip Soft Serve (pineapple, vanilla, chocolate, or swirl) - $2.89 available toppings: rainbow sprinkles


Ew ew eeeeew! No, there’s no pineapple bits mixed in ice cream. That would be gross. :blow:

A Dole Whip is a pineapple-flavored soft serve, kind of like a sorbet. It’s excellent as the float, when they put it in pineapple juice. :tongue: YUM!

All those other available flavors are just normal soft serve ice cream.


It’s been several years since we were there, but the Tusker House at AK was great. Great salads and chicken.


I don’t get the dole whip thing, either - I think I’ll have to try one just to be sure they’re all right abou it being so good :wink:

I’ve had that sandwhich from Pinnochios, and it’s yum! I like the other sandwhich (the one on the wheat bread) even better!


IT IS!!! It’s the most refreshing thing imagineable on a hot day!! :biggrin:

I can see why someone wouldn’t want to try one if they were under the impression that it was ice cream with pineapple bits in it though…:blow:…ugh, that grosses me out so bad!! I hate ice cream with STUFF in it!


Here’s a Dole Whip float: Pineapple soft serve in fresh pineapple juice. :happy:


And here’s me eating one. With Ingamba and Gingita not eating them. Silly Ingamba and Gingita… :happy:


I hinted and hinted for you to give me yours, but you never went for the bait. You’d think that since we were wearing the same exact outfit, you would’ve at least given me a bite. :tongue:


Oh she got the hint, she just didn’t want to share.


But I know you would’ve shared, right Pu?


:ph34r: :pirate: :laugh: