Anybody stayed at the GF?


We are looking at new mattresses, and had gotten the brochure for the Disney Collection when we stayed at CB last year. The mattress there was awesome! The brochure had 3 different mattresses in it, and when we started calling to find out more info, they said the only one in the brochure currently used at the WDW Resorts was the highest end one (with pillowtop) at the GF. I’m just wondering if anyone has stayed there recently and could give us an opinion on how good/bad the mattresses are? We understand that everyone likes their mattresses/beds differently, but since we would be ordering this via the phone, with no returns/refunds/high delivery cost, we’re just a little hesitant to buy something sight unseen/unfelt.

We were really surprised to find out they were selling these mattresses in the collection when they aren’t even the ones used in the hotel rooms?!? Kind of weird!


Victoria stayed there awhile back, I’m sure she has a good review!


I was there a couple of years ago, but to be honest, I was so tired the one night we were there, I couldn’t tell you anything about the mattress.

Good luck!


It’s funny that you ask. DW has had chronic back issues and we’ve replaced our mattress twice in the last 4 years. The one we have now is the best we’ve ever owned… but we’re this close to ordering the GF mattress. We stayed there 2 years ago and DW believes that the only two painless nights of sleep she’s had is when we stayed at the GF.

Yes, the mattresses are that good.


i think you need to take a trip and check them out yourself before you buy :wink:


Are you ordering from the DIsney Resort Collection site?


We’re not ordering from the website, but from the phone number given at the website.