Anybody use disney to book a non park trip?


here is the story . we were going to go to Wdw in spetember again for our anniversary. the other night DH asked if I would be willing to go to Ireland this september instead and do WDW next year. we have been planning on doing Ireland scotland for our 30th he now wants to do it for our 27th and not wait. so of course i said yes. [I love disney but Ireland has always been our dream trip} the thing is i have no clue how to book this trip I have never been out of the country. so has anyone used disney to book a non park trip I have seen specials and commercials about disney adventures. how does it work do i just call disney at the normal number?. Or is this something i should use a regular TA for?Im really nervous aobut this. first i HATE HATE HATE to fly and We have never been out of this country. any suggestions.?


I would go to a tavel agent that handles out of the country trips and not use WDW…


I would use a regular travel agent…they are going to be able to handle all of your questions and concerns, and likely be able to get you the best deals. I think if you go through WDW there is more chance of extra expenses because they will probably be trying to sell you a package deal with more frills than you need/want.


See, now I on the other hand, would jump as a guided adventure handled by Disney. They are experts in hospitality at the resorts, why not all over the world?

You can find more information out at Adventures By Disney Vacations They do have Ireland vacations and when it comes time to plan our June 2009 trip there, I will certaininly check out what they have to offer.


i jsut want everyting to be taken care of. I am very nervous and feel if we travel by disney it will be ok. Im going to price it by disney and also a TA I will let everyone knows which comes out better.


It is expensive. $2200 per person off season for Ireland through Disney. Not including airfare. But…the itineraries look wonderful and there would be nothing I would have to plan!! We’re looking at close to $20,000 with airfare for the 6 of us to go in June 2009, but it’s my DS’s HS graduation and I’m sure the last trip we’ll take just the 6 of us together.


Having looked at the website, and wow, they make it sound great, I would never take such a trip.
I looked at the Germany itinerary only because I KNOW what that would be all about and, frankly, building a Steiff bear is not something I need to do on a trip like that.
Europe needs to be experienced. It isn’t a theme park where you should make plans for every minute of your day.

I would highly recommend that you book flights and maybe the first hotel in Ireland and then take it as it comes.

I can promise you that you won’t just see 6 Hotels in 6 days if you do it this way, you’ll experience the “neighborhood” that way. And it would be a whole lot less expensive