Anybody want to see pictures from past trips?


Now that I learned how to post pictures (I know…took me long enough) does anyone want to see pictures from our past few trips? I’m talking this past yr, not the past decade. And I’m not talking whole trip reports, just a line here and there with the pictures.


I do!!!


Me do too :biggrin:


Yes please. I am a TR snob. I skim through and mostly just look at the pics.


I want to see them!


These are from the beach club villas. Our first DVC trip. We opened the door and I couldn’t believe how much space. Remember we went from POP to a 2 bedroom villa. This is the master bedroom and bath. DH doing what he does best.


One more of the master bath. And then the living room and kitchen. For some reason I didn’t take any pictures of the TV area.


Very nice. Great pictures. You know what might be nice? How about a Disney thread of people posting a few pictures of past trips. When I say past trips, I mean the FAR PAST. I have some from 30 years ago. Wouldn’t that be a hoot. Seeing people dressed in their 1978 clothes with their 1978 hair styles. :smiley:


Now the studio. We had gotten a lock off because I thought my DD would like to have the fridge close at hand for any night time snacks with DGD. More later…AKL…well a DVC room that’s in the main lodge.


That would mean scanning photos. I just learned how to do this, it will take me another decade before I could learn to scan stuff.:laugh:

But that would be nice. I know some people have taken a picture of their child at the same place every trip to see the changes.


YAY! Can’t wait to see more.


Thanks for the BCV photos, I love that resort and it feels like home to me.


Please, by all means, keep those pictures coming!!

I think most, if not ALL, of us here absolutely THRIVE on pictures of Disney trips!! I know I do!!:laugh::laugh:


I just love looking at photos, they take you back to your vacation. Give you a chance to look at resorts you may not have stayed at yet.

More photos please!


These are from our VALUE studio at AKL. Those are slightly cheaper and slightly smaller. Notice the small tables in the second picture? One just fit next to the bed for DH to use for his glasses. People with glasses NEED end tables! We got so use to the double sink, we were disappointed when we move to VWL.


This was the view from our room…unless you looked straight down


Great pictures. Keep them coming! I love the pics of the AKV. I cant wait to stay there.


Wow, I didn’t think the animals would be that close.


Well with my high tech camera, it makes the animals seem sooo much closer, like 2 or 3 ft closer.:laugh: And that’s from the four floor.


I need to figure out how to post pics up here! I got some really crazy wdw pics from the 80s! I laugh everytime I look at them!!!