Anyone been to MK in the past week


I just needed to know if TTA is up and running. I heard that maybe it would be closed down when SP closed for rehab. Just checking to see if we can look forward to riding in it in about a week?


It was closed when we were there last Thursday.


Pretty sure it’s closed, but I can check for you TONIGHT . . . getting ready to drive up to WDW!! YAY!! :happy:


PLEASE !!! I would be very greatful.


Rehabs and Closings Schedule at Disney World

Tomorrowland Transit Authority will be closed from April 19 through August 24, 2009.


OH man, I really like that ride. We will all be sad.


It was kind of weird walking through tomorrowland with Space Mountain and TTA both closed. It was like no one was in that area at all.


Yeah, I bet. It really makes me wonder if I want to go to MK or Epcot. I would choose Epcot but I know everyone else wants MK.Oh well.