Anyone been to the Poly Luau lately?


We’re thinking of booking an ADR at the Poly Luau for our August trip; has anyone been lately?? How’s the food? the show? my DD7 and DS8 really want to go see this.


I’ve never been but was thinking about it also. Its a toss up between this and HDR


We love HDR, but did it in August 2007; we’re trying to do all new dining this trip.


Us to but having a hard time coming up with things. Where are you thinking of?


HDR for sure, it is well worth the money.


Not sure yet, I need to get rolling on this though, I can make ADR’s on 5/27.


We did the Luau once. It was good and worth doing once but I don’t think we will be going back again


That’s just how we felt. It was nice, the food ok, the show was good, but the whole event I felt was very short. Also not much for little kids to keep their interest? We got it through free dining and I think I would have been a little more disappointed if we had paid. Dont mis-understand it was a very nice evening but not as good as other Disney dinner shows we have been to.


We have been to it twice. The first time we were sat in the very back. It was hard to see the show. The food was ok but I’ve had much better at Disney. The second time we sat closer to the front and we could see allot better, but again the food was OK. Although my teen son and teen niece both enjoyed the show.


A friend just got back from a trip to WDW last week. She went to the Luau for the first time. She said it would DEFINITELY be her last time. :laugh:
She was “PO’d that she wasted 2 credits per person”.

I went YEARS ago with DH when we were just dating…maybe 1998 or something like that. It was fun, but the food wasn’t great and I found myself never wanting to go back.

I haven’t been to HDDR but I can honestly tell you I have NEVER heard a bad review on that place!!! I can’t wait to try it one of these trips!


We just did the Luau in April. It was our 3rd time doing the show and it was FABULOUS!!! Our kids DS6, DD4 and DD2 loved it. They all got to go up on stage at the start of the show and learn the hula dance. The food was fantastic. It is by far one of the best shows we’ve done and each time we leave having had so much fun.

The more you get into the show, the better. We try to all wear something Luau like and it helps to get us in the mood. The kids get a real kick out of it too.

DS6 had such a good time that afterwards he searched the Polynesian store for a real grass skirt and asked if I would buy it for him. I did, and when we got back to our resort room he put on the skirt and gave us all a hula lesson. It was so funny, we’ve got it on tape to embarass him down the road!:happy:

When we got back from our trip, he went to school and the teacher asked his favorite things he did on his trip. Here’s his list (remember a 6year old boy!) 1. Tower of Terror, 2. Indiana Jones, 3. Star Wars, 4. The Luau.

It is great and I highly recommend it. Remember, you have to try everything Disney once, and make up your own mind about it. Don’t judge too much on other’s opinions.


I also think the Luau is worth doing at least once. We were there on our honeymoon about 15 yrs. ago, and then again with the kids 3 years ago. We enjoyed it both times, but it’s definitely not something I would do on every trip. We’ve always thought the food was good, and the show is enjoyable. The kids liked it. Our shy DS (5 at the time) went up on stage to do the hula, so that was really cute and made for some precious pictures!:wub: We’ll probably do it again in another 10 years or so.


I have to agree, that you should try it for yourself so you can form your own opinion. Using this thread as an example, you can see all the different opinions. Everyone has different tastes and expectations. Although it was just so-so for me, it might be the best experience at WDW, in your opinion. I say go for it, try it…you might be glad you did. :cool:


Thanks all, but we’ve decided to do this on another trip. There are too many other places we’ve found that sound tasty and we don’t want to use up 2 credits if we don’t have to.


We made the same choice after putting this on our list to begin with. We usually do 2-3 of the double credit meals/shows, but this year we are sticking to singles except for Narcoosees. Maybe next time.


Loved the Luau. :heart::heart: My DD-9 and DS-12 also loved it. The show is kinda corny but we all loved it. The food was very good. My DS is a picky eater and the waitress kept bring him more hot dogs out of the kids meal to eat. When you get seated, wine and beer are provided.:happy::happy:


I know I read that you decided to do this on another trip but I have to say, I would definately try it!

We tried the HDR that everyone raved about and DH and I thought it was crummy! The girls, (5 & 6) liked it but we would never go back. So opinions vary, I say try it for yourself!