Anyone been to Titanic?


A co-worker told me about a Titantic exhibit in Orlando. He was pretty impressed by it. Has anyone here been to it or have any info on it like ticket prices?


I went to this exhibit in Baltimore last year. I liked it, as did my daughter who was 13 at the time. When you enter the exhibit, you are given a passengers name, and at the end you find out what ‘class’ they were, their family and employment status, and if they lived or perished at sea. They had a lot of artifacts that were recovered too.


I really wanted to go see this when it was in Philly last year, but I didn’t get a chance. All the advertisments I saw for it looked AWESOME though…


Wow…that sounds really cool! Neat idea…learning about a passenger.


i want to go to the titanic exhibit in orlando.:mickey:


This is NOT the exhibit that’s been traveling the country.

It’s just another tourist thing - I think it is just reproduction of stuff and no real artifacts. Still might be worth a visit…


i can’t wait to the titanic in orlando.:mickey:


Here’s their website.

It always intrigued me. Some day, when I’m in Orlando for an extended trip, and I run out of things to do…


I would love to see this! I frequently visit the Titanic Historical Society Museum in Indian Orchard Mass.! The president and curator , Mr. Ed Kamuda, is a renown Titanic expert! Jaques Cousteau and Dr. Robert Ballard have visited the museum to meet with Mr. Kamuda! As well as James Cameron! Mr. Cameron even put Mr. Kamuda in his Titanic movie! If you ever get to Massachusetts, you must visit this museum!


Amelia’s Man - Where is Indian Orchard? - I’ve never heard of it.

I went to thr touring exhibit when it was in Boston 7 years ago. It was great.


I am a huge Titanic buff. I went to the exhibit in Orlando years ago. I loved it. You go from room to room looking at artifacts. There are a few rooms that resemble different parts of the ship. There is one part where it is like you are on the deck of the ship and a tape is being played so it sounds as if you are there in the chaos. It is so eerie and give you a feel of what it must have been like. We actually were there on one of the anniversaries of the sinking. It was weird…we were in the room where they have tv screens showing a diagram reinactment. As we were watching it the host in the room pointed out it actually happened to be the exact time of day that the ship hit the iceberg X amount of years ago as we were watching this. Chilling!!!

I hope I didnt spoil the exhibit for anyone. It really is something to see. I cant wait to go to the new exhibit in Miami that just opened.


I defianetly want to go this next time I am in Orlando. I think my DH would really enjoy it. Thanks for the info!


Indian Orchard is next to Chicopee! (Which is just outside of Springfield!)


Oh - we go out that way all the time. My in-laws have a vacation home in W. Stockbridge and we are always passing through that way. Now, if I could just convince DH to stop . . .


I took my DM and DD 2 yrs ago and we all enjoyed it!!!

There is also a part where you walk out onto the deck and the temperature is the same as it was that nite when they hit the iceberg, it was freezing!!! And they do have a “iceberg” exhibit that you can touch/feel to know just how cold that water was!!! Very eerie!!!

oh and my DD was the only “survivor” out of the 3 of us!
They also have a nice gift shop when you exit (but of course!).

This exhibit is very educational and we all learned alot about that nite.
Also your tour guide has that same accent, I think british or irish as the people from the titanic did.


wow ~ this sounds like so much fun!!! oh, yeah and educational too :slight_smile:


It is well worth a visit! They have among their memorabilia and artifacts, Mrs. Astor’s life jacket, a deck chair, and one of the metal flags that were on Titanic’s lifeboats! It’s a very humbling experience to see them up close!


I have been to the exibit in orlando it is great all though i forget how much it was because i had friend who worked their at the time so got in free and it was cool going through it looking at all the stuff and i heard about the new one that opened in miami got to check it out because i live near miami.