Anyone catch Sugar Ray at EPCOT?


Just exchanged texts and emails with my cousin and she was telling me about the Sugar Ray concert at EPCOT last night and how good it was. Anyone else catch it?


I was walking by as they just started their 6:00(ish) show. We stood in a long line at Hops & Barley (for the lobster roll… drooool… :wub:) so I got to hear about 4 songs. I didn’t realize how many Sugar Ray songs I knew (and loved)! :happy: They were great - very upbeat and into the show!


Aw…good job I wasn’t there, I’ve not heard of them:ohmy:, but thats probably cos I am waaay over the hill music wise…:laugh:


Don’t feel bad, I thought they were talking about the boxer…Sugar Ray Leonard


I can confess now Joanne…so did I :laugh::laugh::laugh:


That just goes to prove, we are like two peas in a pod. :laugh::wub:


When I think of the material on Sugar Ray’s first CD, I can’t believe they got booked into a Disney park.

(Warning - Explicit Lyrics)
This link will play the song only one time on every computer you open the link on. After that, you get a 30 second sample. You might get a second play by opening a second browser (i.e. if you’re using Firefox, open the link in Internet Explorer or probably Opera and Chrome)

Yes! This is the same band!


:ohmy:Not exactly Jonas Bros style are they…:eek:


Well, the song Soundgod listed I had never heard on the radio. Didn’t even know his music was that harsh until I heard that song. You may recognize “Someday.” Its on You Tube also. This is more what I think of when I hear his name.


♫ I just wanna fly! ♫


LOl Erin! This is the only song I can think of or maybe know for that matter that they sing!:laugh:


♫ Every morning there’s a halo hanging from the corner of my girlfriend’s four post bed!♫


We used to use Rhyme Stealer the first thing when we turned on a PA system.
It’s real nice for waking the neighbors:fork_off:


I just saw Mark McGrath on TV this morning on VHS hosting “Remember the Lyrics”. And if you am correct he also does ET or one of those Hollywood Entertainment shows.


YES!!! I was so excited to see them!!! We didn’t stop to watch the entire show…but we listened while we grazed the F&W festival! It was great!