Anyone collecting pins?


Is anyone out there collecting pins? I have a lot that are not in use anymore, and I’d like to find loving homes for them. Have no idea how to go about selling them, but thought I’d ask here before I hit the eBay circuit, just to give MBers first crack at them.


I still collect pins. I would be interested. What do you have? :slight_smile:


I collect them from trades. Not really into buying them unless I come across the few Zorros I have been wanting forever.


WE COLLECT!! My girl collects anything girlie and boys collection is pretty varied


We collect pirate @ haunted mansion pins if you could let me know what you have in those categories.


I have a lot of princesses, pirates, rides, transportation and specialty ones, like snowglobes, etc. Also have beach towel series, attractions, flip flop series and lots and lots of Tink


I will try to lay them out and take photos so you can see if there are any you want.


My daughter is a big collector. She would love to see what you have!


We collect…specifically Figment, Jessica Rabbit, and Chip and Dale.


I messages you missdisney…let me know if u don’t get


I still do pin trading. :mickey: I’d love to see what you have if you do decide to post pictures.


Sorry to be so slow, everyone! I will try again today to post pictures!


I would absolutely LOVE! to look at your pins! They are my favorite part of the vacation!!! Absolutely interested! I collect just about anything and everything, I would take anything you got!


OK I am so happy there is interest! I have some photos, working on more… should be up tomorrow afternoon.


My DD collects them and I guess they will be mine some day. He has about 500 of them but he has slacked off buying them the last few years. They are nice and everybody does enjoy looking at them. He saves a lot of the Villains and Scrooge ones.


Does anyone know the best place to get Dole Whip pins???


We started Hunter this past December… MissSMIG is a huge collector


I still collect pins!