Anyone dined at Rose & Crown?


I am looking to reserving a dinner for us at this restaurant and would love to have a birdseye view for Illuminations. Any suggestions or comments anyone?
What time would be appropriate?? I don’t want to reserve a spot too early…


I suggest you reserve for 7:30. You’re sure to be there for the fireworks, assuming the starting time is 9:00. You’re not guaranteed a seat outside and won’t know if you have one until they seat you. But, when you check in, be sure to state that you’d like to sit outside with a few for Illuminations.

Even if you’re not seated outside, you can move outside to get a view during the show. The cast members are extremely friendly and if you are too, and if you treat them with respect (as I would expect all of us on DC do), they’ll
go out of their way to accommodate you.



Nothing but respect from me. It pays to be nice,lol. The view would be great from this restaurant.


Ben there done that. Don’t get me wrong the food and spirits are awesome from the Rose and Crown, but if you want to sit outside be prepared to wait a while even with a PS. IMHO there are better places to watch the show.


Okay Cincy- what do you suggest?


Getting an outside table is very hit and miss here. I enjoy the restaurant immensely (though I feel that the food quality has been deteriorating lately), however, and you should go regardless.

I always make a PS for around 7:15 and tell the hostess that I’m willing to wait until an outdoor table opens up. They’ve said before that they’ll only let you wait 50 minutes before you forfeit your PS (whatever that means…), however, so keep that in mind.

Also keep in mind that there are two levels to the patio, one under the awning and one closer to the water. The views are spectacular from the patio close to the water, but if you’re sitting at a table set back under the awning, you won’t be able to see the fireworks explode (the awning blocks the view).

Good luck and enjoy!


The most popular spot is the bridge between UK and France. I am telling you this so everyone will go there and stay away from where I will be. We like the view from Italy. If I was going to try and dine and see the show from the table, I would do Cantina de San Angel again.

Please don’t get me wrong, we love the Rose and Crown, but there are only so many tables, and we always see a ton of people who are disappointed because they did not get to dine outside and see the show. Also, every time we have been at Rose and Crown for Illuminations, the smoke from the fireworks was blowing right at us and we were not able to see anything on the water.


We’ve had some smoky nights, too. Yuck!


I will check out the Cantina and see if the menu is to our liking.


We were at the R&C on new years eve and I wouldn’t return in a hurry! Thefood was ok but not great. The service was horrible, we felt very rushed and the waitress was not helpful at all. Once she knew we were on the dining plan she recommend the highest priced items on the menu. I know it was the busyiest (SP) day of the year but to expect a child to go across the street to the bathroom (which has a 25 min wait) because the had shut off the access to the bathroom from the dining room in the bar was just not disney magic that we have come to expect! We are from the Uk and this is not the service that we give or like to receive! But that is just my opinion!


A little place that is often overlooked is the Bistro de France - the small restaurant upstairs from the Chefs de France. We had a window seat there and had a great view - and the food was very good.


The view is great and we don’t rush you when it gets near fireworks time. The food is ok, not great. Go for it1


Well, my answer will be a little different than everyone elses. I :wub: LOVE :wub: the Rose and Crown. It’s my favorite restaurant anywhere, not just WDW…I have eaten there four times and each time I had a PS/ADR for around an hour and a half before Illuminations and I have always gotten a seat by the water. Come to think of it I have never requested a seat by the water either. I always make sure to get there at least 30 minutes before my PS/ADR time. I LOVE the food, my favorite is the Steak and Prawns (yummy)…I have never felt rushed there…in fact when we went in June our server ask us if we wanted her to delay putting in our order so we wouldnt have to wait too long after our meal for the show…I may be a little biased because my fiance proposed to me during Illuminations last time we were there :wub: but try it at least once…you will love it


I’m with you cinderbella - we love :wub: the R&C. A visit to Disney isn’t complete without at least one visit there. We prefer not to be in a restaurant for Illuminations so we haven’t done that. On our last visit, they’d put us outside on the patio for dining when the skies opened up and it POURED. They moved us indoors (OK - we’re odd - we prefer inside) and we had a great meal. Our waitress was delightful, and she was knowledgeable about whisky which pleased the younger males who are whisky drinkers. Every trip back to the table she had another “Did you know” about whisky! The Lamb Barley Soup was delicious! They do a respectable job with their Banger and Mash and the Cottage Pie, and we were there for a leisurly hour and a half. We were on the dining plan and there was absolutely no problem. Looking forward to our next visit in about 2 years!


The food at R&C is very good. As for Illuminations, we had a table under the awning outside and the view of the higher fireworks is not the best. However, you can move down to the other table level and get a better view. I would go for the food, not necessarily for Illuminations


We dined there last May.
We were fortunate to have the perfect situation. Outside table with a great view of Illuminations, great food and great service.


We too LOVE the R&C. We’ve never had anything but top rate service and food. And boy, nothing beats sitting in the front row watching Illuminations with a drink in your hand and a clear view. Especially when the alternative is to stake out a viewing spot by the water an hour and a half before the show and then fend off the people who try to sqeeze in front of you. Been there, done THAT! (and hated it!)


We make it a must to dine there. The food is very good, and the pints just go down soooooooo easy.