Anyone "Disney" remodeling soon?


Because if you are this bedroom set would absolutely positively ROCK!! You have no idea how tempted I am. haha. Wowza! :mickey:

eBay: Disney ACTUAL Wilderness Lodge GUEST ROOM Furniture Set (item 150027756510 end time Sep-05-06 17:30:00 PDT)


Wow, are they auctioning a full-size replica of Space Mountain as well?


I’d take a Splash Mountain one for the backyard!! It may crush all the neighbor’s houses around us, but ehhh, at least they’ll get free Splash Mountain rides whenever they’d like :tongue:


I would just want the dresser/tv cabinet thingy…BEAUTIFUL!


:laugh: So funny, I just saw that myself and thought it was awesome…geez, I wish I had the room. But hey, we could always just move the child into the basement to make a WL room, right? That’s acceptable, right?


Totally ironic…when I have the $$ to do what I want with our master bedroom, it’s going to be positively Animal Kingdom Lodge or Wilderness Lodge, I hadn’t decided which.

Boy, would that be PERFECT! :whistling


DOH I wish we had a house already, that would so RAWK to have that as our bedroom furniture!!





oh wow, We are redoing the kids’ bedrooms currently. DD is moving out of her princess phase and solidly into a Neverland Faeries mode. DS is an ultimate Buzz Lightyear fan. So both their rooms are getting paint and boarders and sheets and ect…

BUT…this furnature is awsome…Maybe it’s time to re-do the game/art/play room too! <groan>…must keep my DW from seeing this forum!


I love the WL, but wouldn’t want that as my bedroom. It would make for one nice guest room though.


Hmm…I’m considering this…


Well isn’t that interesting. :laugh:


Last year when they remodeled the Poly we bought the furniture from Mousesurplus. It is in my DD’s Hawaiian themed Bedroom. It is pretty cool to have. She tells everyone her room is from WDW!
THey were great to deal with and very helpful.


I checked the ebay store and they still have the Polynesian furniture. Unfortunately its pick up only.:crying:


Well…I have one of the old Mickey Mouse phone/lamps that used to be in the GF resort before the remodel…but I sure don’t have a whole room full of the furniture… That’s so cool…


AWESOME! I’d love to see pics, did you have to find your own shipping company? Was the shipping expensive?


Is it possibly to buy things at their warehouse rather than bid online? Do they have things not listed on eBay?

(really eager for AKL furniture once we move down there!!)


Are there any other sites/stores like Mousesurplus that sell Disney park merchandise?