Anyone do a back stage tour?


Hi guys for my birthday coming up I wanna do a back stage tour! I was wondering if any of you have done it and if so is it worth it? Let me know!


Yup did the MK (Keys to the Kingdom) tour. It was very interesting. Does take a good portion of the morning or afternoon (depending what tour you are on). With the price of the tour, you will get a meal as well. Most of the cast members who lead these tours have held many other positions at WDW including ‘being good friends’ with Mickey and all the other characters. They have a vast knowledge and keep the participants in the tour involved. I would recommend this tour…but there is a lot of walking, so wear comfortable shoes. I am looking to do another tour this time around. I will keep you posted.
Here is a link for all the tours, requirements and restrictions!
Disney World Backstage Tours, Disney tours

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I haven’t done a backstage tour but I have done the Segway Tour at Epcot and I must say Disney REALLY does their tours up right! I would recommend doing any tour on property.


Baloo and I did the Backstage Safari tour (I think that’s what it was called) at AK. It was great!! We both really like animals so getting to see how things are done backstage and getting our own private safari full of “spoilers” at the end was awesome for us! It may not be for everyone, but for animal lovers, I think it’s a great experience.


It really depends on how much time you have. If you are limited timewise and you are taking away from hitting parks on a “park commando” type trip - maybe not.

If you’ve been enough that you see the line to an attraction is too long and you say “I’ll catch it another time” then backstage tours are pretty cool.

I’ve done the Keys tour twice and the snorkel in the big fish bowl at EPCOT. Both were worth it IMHO.


I’ve done the Keys to the Kingdom tour at MK, and it took half the day (which was fine with us because we were there for over a week). It was very informative, but I felt that most of what they told us, I already knew from my reading. Still, it was fun to collect a different perspective of the park, and the actual backstage part was really cool (they took us behind the McDonald’s Fry Stand and showed us the back of Splash and where they were testing the parade floats, and in the Utilidors… which reminds me - it smelled really bad behind Main Street). Keep in mind most behind-the-scene tours are 16 and up, just in case that affects your group.


I’ve done most of the tours and enjoyed them all.
However, keep in mind that the Keys to the Kingdom tour is 5 hours long while the majority are only 3 hours.
Keys tends to get a bit draggy towards the end.


Thanks for the information guys! I will keep looking into it. I always wanted to do the behind the seeds tour in EPCOT because its short and gives you something to do. We are not a big fan of World Show Case and can blow through it easy.


I did the Behind the Seeds tour as a girl scout in elementary school. I remember really loving it!! It is nice that it’s shorter and can easily be worked into a day, rather than having to plan your whole day around it.