Anyone Doing the DL Marathon in Sept?


I’m going to DLR in September with a bunch of Disney friends from another website. Some of us are doing the race, some are spectators/cheerleaders.

Anyone from DC planning on going? How about anyone who’s gonna be there then?


That sounds like fun…

But isn’t a marathon like, running?

I’ve heard of that thing called exercise.

It’s not really my thing… :nonono2:


Haha! Yeah me either! I wish I could go to cheer you on though!


Hmmm…I guess you wouldn’t be the best choice for cheerleader then? :happy:


Au contraire, mon freire~ :tongue:

I would cheer you on endlessly! Especially if there are nibbles nearby and good Kona coffee to enjoy! :wub:

I was more concerned about your suggestion that I might involve myself into the marathon itself as a contendor… :eek:

But as a cheerleader on the premises? As my vacation plans are still in the planning stage, I am not sure if I will be there in June or September or October…

The only DCer I can think of is Anaheimboy, who is a cross country machine or something like that. But by September he might be in school by then…


Yeah, I was wondering if Anaheim Boy would be around. It would be very cool if you were there at the same time. Should be exciting: this is the very first DL marathon, ever. I assume they’ll make a big deal out of it seeing WDW has had one for years.



When is the marathon scheduled?

It appears that I will be stateside September/October…