Anyone Drive a "DisneyMobile"?


Well, I’m sure that I’m not the only one that drives a vehicle dedicated to the Mouse! But I thought if anyone had pics of their “DisneyMobile” to share, it’d be fun to see/share them…

This first pic shows the back of my Jeep with Grumpy and Mickey silhouettes, plus the infamous “Been There Done That Going Back” license frame…


…and the next is of the inside of the Jeep with the official lei of the Polynesian Resort and my girl, Hula Minnie.

Obviously, I have a Mickey antennae topper as well! :mickey: :mickey:


Neato! I don’t have any “flair” on my van…yet…lol


I don’t have a pic handy, but I do have MK license plate on my truck. That’s how my friends know it’s my truck coming down the street.


Someone just recently stole my Sorcerror Mickey antenna topper. I’m going to the Disney Store next week to get a new one. It looks naked now. :frowning:



You’re cracking me up…looks like you’ve watched Office Space more than once also!!!


I have the red/white/blue ears on my antenna.


I don’t have any pics but on my van I have the pink Tink decal on the back window and a Minnie antenna topper. Inside I have a Mickey spinning air vent re-fresher, and my WDW lanyards are hanging from my mirror.


My lanyards are on my bedroom mirror. I look at them everyday and it makes me smile!


I have a Mickey antenna topper too! My DD picked it out for me. :heart:


I have the Pirates topper. I want a license plate frame next time we go home!


Oh boy what do I have on mine??
Lets see from the rear view mirror hangs a tigger with Roo in a backpack, got that from Blockbuster video for 99 cents! I love it it cause when you pull the tail tigger shakes. Next to that I have the tigger dangler, which I make tigger bounce when I drive.
On the back I have 2 tigger decals, one on the lower left and right. I think both of em are bouncin, but one of em has the letters FE under it. In the middle I have my wdw college program alumni sticker. To top it all off I have a wdw college program alumni plate frame to cover my rear plate.
Only problem I have is my antenae is built into my rear windshield, so I cant put up my WDW college program antenae topper! :frowning:


I had an antenna topper and put it on when I got back from WDW. What I forgot was that my antenna retracts when I switch off the sound system, so it lasted less than half a day before popping off and is probably in a car park gutter somewhere.

However, the smell inside my car has been known to resemble Animal Kingdom. Does that count?? :blink:


Oh Towncar T, OF COURSE that counts! :biggrin:

My hubby had an antenna topper for several years on the family van until our trip to WDW this July where someone STOLE it off the van. Imagine, here in Atlanta, safe all those years, but down in Disney where there are antenna toppers for sell on every corner for less than the price of a coke, and someone steals it!!!


We have a Mickey antenna topper, a steering wheel cover with Mickey Donald & Goofy and Pooh & Tigger stickers in the windowns and a Save Disney bumper sticker. I’d say we have a Disneymobile.


I have a heart sticker with Minnie and Mickey in it on the back window, a Pooh character steering wheel cover, a Mickey icon hitch cover, a license plate frame both front and back, a mickey head antennae topper, and a goofy antenae guy that holds on and looks like his feet are blowing back as you drive!!! I also have an EEyore sticker I have not put on yet!!

I also want to get some mickey floor mats but my DH has not given in --YET!! :wink: :whistling

I am always looking for new stuff to add!! We also have a license plate frame for our camper!!!

I have been looking for a spare tire cover with Mickey on it for our camper, Does anyone know where to get one???


We have one black and one red Mickey seat belt pad for the front seat shoulder belts!


All right, inluvwithdisney, you WON! But, it’s less than 2 weeks before my next trip, so I’m gonna be huntin’ and buyin’ for more Jeep toys!!! :angel:


We have an antenna topper & DD has the “Been there done that…” plate frame. But, we’ve seen those white outline decals on other vehicles & would love to have some but don’t know where to get them. Any help out there?


And I thought I was silly for having the Mouse Ears toppers for the different holidays and stuff. I would love to have the steering wheel cover and license plate frames. Maybe I should pick those up on our next trip.