Anyone else do Transportation pin map?


Just got back from a trip to WDW and happened by chance upon it at the Pin Trading store in DTD – wondered if anyone else did the Transportation Pin Map / Hunt?

It worked as follows:

You were provided with a cardboard map (8 1/2 x 11) of WDW showing eight Transportation pins on the map.
On the back of the map was a listing of the locations of each the pins and where you had to stop at each location and get a stamp from the Disney store for that location - proving you had visited that location.
At each location you could buy their Transportation pin.
After you visited all 7 locations, you went to Pin Trading at DTD and get a free pin!
The locations were the 4 parks, DTD, GF, and Boardwalk.

Each pin was a LE2000 and the final pin LE3000.

It took my DS and myself 4 days to collect all the stamps on the map; it was a different and fun way to collect pins and visit places across WDW - we had never been to the Boardwalk before.


I have the Santa’s Pin list cardboard card from awhile ago but I never did it lol.


7 CM’s and guests got together to get MJ these pins, I just hung them on her Disney wall :slight_smile: I’ll try to put a picture up sometime soon.


I haven’t ever heard of this. I will have to get the girls to do it in October…sounds like fun!


I never heard of this, either!!! This does sound like fun. Where do you go to do it?? Where do you get the map to get started?


I haven’t heard of it ethier, but if there limited to 2000 there proably aren’t to many left.


The maps and pins were at the main pin stores at each park:
Jewelry store on Main Street in MK
Pin Trading Kiosk in Epcot
Sorcerer’s Hat in MGM
Island Mercantile in AK
as well as at DTD, GF, and Boardwalk – they were just setup on the counter and not really pushed by the CMs.

I did not see any advertising beforehand – and I agree with 15 mins to wdw, I am not sure how long this would last – with 2000 pins at each park and only 3000 at the end this unfortunetaly will not last too long.


Maybe I’ll take a small detour to work in the morning.


I am sad to report that this was the last pin pursuit… rumor has it they are cooking up something new, I will let everyone know what it is when we do…


They still have all the pins AFAIK

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Whats AFAIK?


Not sure what AFAIK is either.

But here is the link explaining the ‘pin pursuit’ now that I know the proper name:


AFAIK - As Far As I Know :wink:


I knew I was going to feel stupid when I got a answer to that.


Are the pins still available? I’d love to get the monorail one!


I didn’t know about this.

Note: New thing to do next trip.


I’ve never heard of this but my son would love it. I guess with only 2,000 pins they’ll be gone in 7 weeks. Maybe there will be something new by then, I hope someone will keep us posted.