Anyone else feeling this way?


Our trip is in August, and it seems sooooooo far away!! I don’t think it will ever get here!! Part of the problem is that we always go right after school gets out, but this year we are trying August so that we will have something to look forward to all summer. Now I am questioning that theory!!! My best friend is leaving on Wednesday—do you think I could hide in her luggage???:laugh: Come on August!!!:laugh:


i will be there in Aug. as well and I fill the same way. lol The sad thing is it takes so long to get here then it will seem like where did the time go once we get there.


i leave in may and I feel like im leaving in august :slight_smile: lol


I don’t think June can come soon enough!!


I’m leaving in late September and it’s killing me! I usually go in September and it’s always hard because you see everyone else go off on their vacations in the summer while you have to wait until it’s over. But it’s always fun for me to have a week in Disney while everyone else’s summer is ending! lol


it was very hard for us to watch everyone leave for Disney this week because this is our spring break at school. It was great to have our trip 3 weeks ago but to have to sit there and watch everyone else get ready and go was hard. On the other hand I dont miss the crowds that they are all experiencing right now!


Yup we leave in July and it can’t come fast enough.


Unfortunately I don’t have a trip planned this year but I hope everyone has a blast on their trips! Better get ready it will be here before you know it!


We are less than 50 days away, I remember when we broke 100 days and celebrated. It simply cannot come fast enough. I am red-to-go!!!

We had planned late summer this year too, but wouldn’t you know that date changed despite the fact we swore we would never go in Mid June again? LOL.


:ohmy::ohmy::ohmy::ohmy: What no trip planned??? When are you planning to go back??? Thats just unheard of!! You wll be planning one soon I hope. I know,June is moving at a snails pace. But, I do know it will be here soon and I can’t wait!!!:wub::wub::wub::wub:


:crying: Yeah DW wants to try some other places for vacation. We vacationed in Sedona, AZ last year and went to the Grand Canyon and other places in and around Sedona and had an amazing time. I have been thinking about planning a trip to California and sneaking in a trip to DL. :happy:


That sounds like the only reasonable thing you could do. :laugh:


Just remember when your leaving in August I’ll already be done:crying: As far as hiding in my suitcase…It is totally doable since I haven’t even started packing yet there is plenty of room for you:laugh::laugh:I still have 4 dyas, 22 hours and 14 minutes before my flight leaves…plenty of time to pack:ohmy::ohmy:




I happen to be very busy at the moment…playing on mousebuzz:blush:


We are going in Aug as well, I can’t wait but at the same time I don’t want to wish away the summer because it is my favorite time of year.


I know exactly what you mean. Until today, I was planning a trip for the first full week of June and today we decided to postpone until August… :crying: so I’m going from 44 days to departure to… too many to count!!! We haven’t pinned down our exact dates yet, but I will be booking some time this week; then time to work on ressies!!!


Well I have and even longer wait try to still get it planned and figured out how to pay for it. Hoping that the Daycare picks up soon for the DW. I have been planning to go from Dec 26 until Jan. 7th 2011. with one week off and one week on prop. to keep down cost a little. But every time I think I have it figured out somewhat something happens and puts me back a step. And can’t work much more ot than already doing to pick up for the DW business right now. But I love to hear and see that others are getting to go and enjoy for it will be my turn sooner or later. hopefully sooner…come on right numbers with the mega millions daddy needs a vacation…