Anyone else had this happen?


OK, I know this was forever ago in the forum world, but we had something unusual happen to us in March. I was curious as to if it is a common occurance or not.

We stayed at the wonderful POR in March & loved the Alligator Bayou section. We brought our own breakfast items such as cereal & oatmeal, etc. in order to save a little money. I had all of the food items placed on the refridgerator, and our bowls, cups, etc. were in a plastic grocery sack on the air conditioning unit in front of the window near the table. The bag was never on the floor, and it was open on the top with the cups, etc. in their plastic sleeves. When we returned from our third day at the parks, I noticed that the bag was gone! Apparently housekeeping had thrown it out with the trash. I visited the front desk, and they didn’t seem to concerned about it. Their lack of response was a little disturbing, but I tried not to dwell on it. I did realize the next morning that one of our refillable mugs had also been in the bag (I wasn’t feeling so hot, so I was a little slow on that one.), and they did credit our room bill $15 to get a new one after another trek to the desk.

Anyway, I hope it’s just us and not a common thing for items to disappear from rooms.


I can honestly say I have never had anything disappear from a room at Disney. Even my wallet, that I mistakenly left behind.

Could it be they miss-took the bag for trash?


That has to be it. I would just be sure to leave paper items in a different type bag from now on, or stack them up in the open.


I can also say we never had anything but the trash taken from the room. I find that anything on the table doesn’t seem to be taken even if it’s trash you need to put it in the wastebasket or near it on the floor if full. Glad they at least credited you so you could get a new mug :frown:


I have never had that happen. Housekeeping would have had to go into a drawer to find my snacks and such lined up neatly in order to throw them out…yes, I am that anal and that compulsive on vacation…lol


Personally, we’ve never had anything taken, but it’s usually by accident - over-ambitious cleaning staff usually. I’ve heard of children’s stuffed animals being lost when they’ve been tangled up in the sheets and they’ve stripped the beds.

On the other hand, I did leave a skirt behind that I had bought and didn’t realize it until I got home. I called the resort - they had it waiting for me and sent it immediately. Usually Disney is pretty good about stuff like that.


they did the same for DBF’s jacket when he left it at AKL. The housekeeping is usually really good about turning in lost items…I am sure not all keepers are that great, but it seems it’s more the norm than not to me.


I guess the lesson to be learned is if you have something that might look like trash, but isn’t, put it in a drawer or cupboard. I guess that’s something we should all keep in mind.


Yes, come to the anal side of resort room organization…I even make the beds for them:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Our mousekeeper was no nice and I never felt funny about leaving thigs in plain view.
At the beginning of the week, that little safe was jammed full, but you tend to forget by the last parts of the week (at least I did)…


One good thing about DVC - they only visit you once a week with towels and to empty the trash - you’re on your own the rest of the time for cleaning - and yes, anal little me makes the beds AND has vacuumed.:laugh:


DD must read this. She thinks I am insane. I make the beds and clean up the room every morning…not that there is much to clean. I am crazy neat. I don’t want the mousekeepers to think I am a pig. I loved OKW where I could run the vaccum and clean stuff…it made me feel like I was at home.:laugh:


We’ve brought food and have never had a problem with mousekeeping. I’m guessing someone thought it was trash and threw it away for you.


I have never had anything missing or thrown away- but I will say that my brother does not believe in tipping housekeeping and his room would be less than magical when he returned. When his son left behind his favorite stuffed animal… it was never turned in to lost and found. You know what they say,… payback is a B****!


A thought. Isn’t the container they have for cans and other recyclables right next to the a/c? As others have said, she probably thought it was trash and just grabbed it with out thinking. We leave all our things in the dresser or on top of the clothes rack. So far, nothing has been taken.


Nope, never had anything thrown away or missing… always great service.


I was thinking the same thing, except, she said that that bag had never been on the floor.

This was just an accident, an over zealous house keeper. Thank goodness it wasn’t anything of value and money for the cup was credited to their account :happy:


We have never had an issue like this, either. In fact, on our last trip, we left my husband’s laptop in the room the whole time, with no problems at all. I agree with everyone else, they just thought it was a bag of trash, didn’t take the time to look thru it, and chunked it.


whew, at least i’m not the only one, lol. my husband hollers at me cause i straighten up the bathroom and make the bed before we leave for the park in the morning. i’m like - sorry but yes i have a problem w/ housekeeping thinking i’m a piggly wiggly.


ROFL, ROFL, :laugh: just read this after i made my post… ahhhh i have company, i feel so much better now :wub: