Anyone else have a sea raycer voucher on their reservation?


Just curious… and I am hoping this is for a free sea raycer boat during our trip.

Any confirmation on that?



Our Sea Raycer voucher gives you an extra 30 minutes when you pay for 60…


Yeap… was also on our reservation voucher - we love those little speed mouses.


I think those are a standard perk, along with the voucher for Planet Hollywood :smile:


I would like to try one of these rascals next trip.


The sea mice are really cool… MissSmig is excited because she was able to take one out - with an adult anyway…


Does it say that right on your reservation?


We have gotten them at Contemporary and at Beach Club – the ones at Comntemporary were MUCH faster! Just an FYI


We were at the GF when we did the raycers without a reservation… they had plenty… I think best bet is to check with then front desk and have them call and check to see if they are in.


Yes it says it on our confirmation an extra 30 mins free when you have an hour hire- along with the Planet Hollywood voucher as Dopey said and the minature golf etc.


Yes it does, and you get a “certificate” to redeem when your package documents arrive.


They have a ton of them at all the resorts. Short of a major holiday (Christmas, or thanksgiving) I have never seen them run out of them at any time. However during the summer afternoons they may close and have them all come in from the lake due to thunderstorms. If I rent one I try to rent around noon before the storms start.


The current version of the Sea Raycer coupon is get 90 minutes for the price of 60.

The boats from all the marinas on Bay Lake/Seven Seas Lagoon all have more zip because there is much more room and less no wake zones than Crescent Lake. Every bridge you go under between the Yacht and The Studios is a no wake zone so the boats have a bit less zip in order to keep guests out of trouble. You will from time to time find the odd slow boat at any marina on Bay Lake/Seven Seas as well, but most are zippier than their Epcot brothers.


It’s been my experience that you can’t reserve Sea Raycers or pontoon boats, but there are usually enough for everyone. Sometimes a marina will have a temporary shortage because all the boats are out and some of the boats are on their way back in right now, so would you give us 15 minutes and see if one comes in?


so if you have to pay for the 60 mins to get the 30 would they maybe let you get 3 searaycers for the price of two for 30 mins apiece?


Survey says:
Bzzzzzzzzzt. :tongue:

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. Nice try.


ours was extra 30 minutes when you pay for 60


Ours too. We usually rent at the Contemporary because you can cruise all of Bay Lake.


Cant blame a girl for trying.:smile:


My voucher doesn’t say anything about 30 minutes.
Still hoping it is for a free ride!!