Anyone else in December?


Yay! I made our reservations for December 10-17 at the Beach Club. Anyone else planning on being there that week?


I wish! I would lvoeto go there to see the holiday decore. Please take pictures. I would lover to see them if you can post them. :heart: Congrats on your upcoming trip!


Just decided on a quick girls trip and made my reservations a couple of days ago. We will be going Dec 8-13 staying at OKW. Taking a friend who has never been and that always seems to make it a bit more exciting (if that is possible)!


Will be there probably the 4th - 11th, though since work is paying for part of it I will actually have to attend the conference that’s going on at the Orlando Convention Center during the first part. :smile: Trying to decide how many days to spend at WDW after the meeting.


We will be there December 1-13 at the polynesian. CANT WAIT!!!



We’ll be at BWV from the 11th until the 19th! It’ll be our first Christmas WDW visit. I can’t wait to see for myself all the decorations I’ve only heard about. We’re also doing MVMCP that Tuesday!


We’ll be there Dec 18 - 25 - It should be crazy but a busy time at Disney is better than no time at Disney!


I’ll definitely be there on the 23rd (my birthday)…and I might take some trips over for day trips.


We are traveling from Dec 4th to the 11th. Staying at the CSR. First time at the CSR, second time traveling at Xmas. My DW got sick on our last trip at Xmas so were going back to do everything she missed. Can’t wait! Making our PS and getting ready for our mad phone call for the CRT.


LOL We’re doing the same thing. I just did up a grid sheet that shows which days we’re planning for which park, where we’re planning on eating that day, & what the first day is to call for PS! Since we want to do CRT, Chef Mickey & CP, along with some non-character meals, I want to make sure I’m right on top of everything. Rafikiman always laughs at me, but he sure loves the meals when we’re there!


We plan to be there from 11-27 to 12-3. I’ve heard that the week after Thanksgiving is great - very low attendance. We are currently booked at the Poly but may change to the Contemporary. I actually like the Poly a little better but we will have a double stroller and it is so much easier to walk from the Contemporary to the MK.

Quick question - is the Very Merry Christmas Party worth the time, effort and money for a family of 4 with a 1 year old and a 3 year old who will have already spent at least half the day in a park? :mickey:


Been there a few times the first week of Dec., real fun, very pretty and usually not busy. Last Dec, 2003, the first week was the busiest I have ever seen and the coolest, temp. wise. We were the Magical Gathering Family that was picked for filming for the Disney/ABC parade that was aired on Christmas day, Dec.2003. We were Filmed 2 days out of that first week in Dec. Was great fun, a memory never to be forgotten. Disney film crews are wonderful, their guides are fantastic and we were treated like royalty. Well taken care of as for food and drinks, and getting on rides with our guides before anyone else, and also private meetings with characters. What an experience, especially for our members of our group, which numbered 16, family and friends, that have never been there before. Thanks Disney for a wonderful experience.


We will be staying at BCV 12/12 - 12/17/04. It will be our 2nd December stay at BCV and last time, 2003, couldn’t have been much better. Great weather and light crowds. Dec has always been our favorite time.



Just made the reservations, we are going Dec. 7-17th. Can’t wait, I hope it isn’t too crowded.


Hi everyone! I’m new here.

Any-hootin’-holler, we’ve got a DVC Magical Gathering 12/1 thru 12/11. Can not wait. (It’s also our two year anniversary).

Staying at OKW. Can not wait.