Anyone else LOVE this place in Epcot?


When we went to Epcot in June, we found this really cool slap stick comedy show in Innoventions. I don’t remember the name but it was all around velcro. Has anyone else been there and got to participate? What did you think? I can’t wait to go back. We all had such a fun time.


Sadly we don’t spend much time in Innoventions. Will like to check it out.


The Slapsticks Studio sponsored by Velcro. We saw the show but didn’t participate. It was pretty funny! DS especially enjoyed it because he loves silly stuff like that.


I did this show back on 2009 and it was fun!! We (2 adults in our 40’s) were chosen. My boyfriend has to put on a velcro outfit and I had to stick stuff to him. We were in competition with a 5 and 7 year old.

We really won but the kids were chosen as winners! We even got stickers :laugh:

It’s a fun to check out when you have the chance.


Sadly, according to the notice postaed a few weeks ago, Slapstick Studio will close next month. We’ve been in there three times and someone in our party was chosen twice. I agree that it’s so much fun for all ages. Still have both the winner and almost-winner stickers, too.


I went and had a BLAST!!! :ph34r::ph34r: < Dudes in velcro suits. at the end theres a suprise!!! :mickey:


Oh it was SOOOOOO funny!! I loved that, didnt you?:heart:


Is it closing for good???:ohmy::ohmy::angry::angry:


There is so much to do at the parks. . .and you never get to see everything!


This was reported a few months ago:

Orlando Theme Park News: What’s Your Problem?.. it’s closing.


Wow, we really enjoyed that show. I hope the replace it with something cool.


Yeah, this was a funny show. My daughter got in the show and loved it. We always go do the “build your own computer game” thing in Innoventions. Somehow we wandered into this show and were happy we did. I learned more about velcro than I ever thought I wanted to know. Funny show!


Mousemom sorry I just read this on Allears:

The final showing of “What’s Your Problem?” at Slap Stick Studios (Epcot’s Innoventions West) will be February 4, 2011. The contract with the VELCRO Companies, which sponsored the show, ends on February 5, 2011.



We loved this show and are sad to see it has closed. We saw it in 09 and the interesting thing I remember about the show was that 2 of the performers were from the closed Comedy Warehouse on PI. It was fun to see them working together again.


Oh my gosh, the Velcro comedy show is really funny! I went last Spring while on my internship, before then I hadn’t been on it since I think 2005 or 2006. I forgot how funny it was! I really love innoventions, but we usually don’t all get to go there together because the kiddos get bored.