Anyone else other than Hertz?


I am pretty sure they are the only one that
has the policy of two drivers are fine without
paying for the other driver,is that right? I
think you need to be a AAA member and we
are but I was just wondering about other car
rentals. The problem is even though I pay for
all vacations our “vacation” card is in DW name
and that is different than mine. I hate even
though I haven’t yet being forced to pay at
least $9.00 more per day with the others. Are
there any others out there?
I Thank You Kindly


I’m pretty sure most renatal companies will not charge extra for a spouse - a friend yes, but a spouse no. I’ve never paid an extra charge and we hardly ever go with Hertz. We usually do what’s cheapest.


I know Enterprise charges you for an extra person…no matter who it is…at least here in New York. I just got through renting from them.


When I rent through Alamo, using a BJ’s Wholesale Club coupon code, the add’l driver is always free too.

You can get the coupons right from their (BJ’S) website.


We always have to pay to add a driver, even when it’s me and DH is the primary. We typically use Budget and Dollar.


We usually use National… they give us a good rate (sometimes AAA, and other times through my DH’s work discount codes), and they never charge for the extra driver. Plus, they are in the terminal, which is KEY for us.


So, it sounds like National/Alamo and Hertz do not charge extra. I too am now interested in this since I am going with a group of friends in January and we will need two drivers. That extra charge changes the price estimate you get when comparing companies.


Interesting… I never noticed this issue before!


It can add up, if its $8.00-$10.00 a day
X’s your number of days.:ohmy:


Not to mention all of those pesky taxes which will be charged on those daily fees!:eek:


I just booked my Dec trip with National and their website says there MAY be a charge for an additional driver. I didn’t book two drivers for this trip, but that’s what the website said. I guess I’ll be checking other companies for January.


We using Enterprise in Jan. Booked everything on the web with three drivers. Im looking at the web confirmation and I don’t see a extra charge, unless it’s built in with all the different fees.


Just found out there is a coupon on mousesavers for Alamo to add a second driver for free.