Anyone else terrified of the dinosaur ride?


:eek:I rode the dinosaur ride back in 2007 , that thing was surprisingly scary. I dont know the name of it, but its the one that you are in a time warp,and the crazy scientist guy wants to bring back that big dinosaur that chases you throughout the ride. I almost jumped out of that pod thing and ran the rest of the way when that big dino stuck his head in the pod and growled. Its like being in the Jurassic Park movie. It was alot more realistic than what I was expecting. Im going to ride it again, but its still pretty creepy.


YES! I will go on it but it totally terrifies me. I end up screaming with my eyes closed for the majority of the ride. The picture at the end is always hilarious because I am usually ducking down with my hands covering my head!


I never found it scary, but that ride hurts. Too much bouncing and moving around. I think the ride would have the same effect without all the bouncing!


Yes, and I close my eys the entire ride,so I can’t tell you what the ride is actually about. I do feel all the bumps and turns though.


Agree…tooo bumpy!! and it is very LOUD!!! DD5 hated every minute of it. she was mad at her daddy for the rest of the trip for taking her on it!!! it was quite funny…she wouldnt listen to his advice on any more rides…she would ask me if they were ‘safe’.


LoL…poor dad.


It’s one of my Dh’s favorites!! LOL-- we’ve been on it so many times that we know where the camera is and we make some great faces for the pictures. We “act” scared. It’s awesome!!

I do agree that the ride is WAY too loud and bouncy!!


ha ha ha thats epic. It really is a great ride. Ill get on it everytime, but i dont think ill ever get as used to it as you do.


Nope, doesn’t terrify me. The only thing that terrifies me at WDW is the claustrophobic harnesses in Stitch’s Great Adventure, which is just one more reason why it’s the lamest ride at WDW.


I am not a big fan of the ride. For some reason I always end up being seated on the side of the huge dinosaur where they take your picture and I’m always ducked down with my hands over my head. Add in all the bumping and how loud it is…not my favorite.


Too bumpy and too loud and yep, sometimes it makes me jump even when I know something’s about to happen but I’ll still go on it! Now, if you want a creepy ride…it’s a small world!


LoL …small world being creepy. C’mon you dont like singing dolls ?


Same here. Last time I rode it with DSs I was making some stupid face, and my sons were looking REALLY scared…looking in the wrong direction. When we got off we heard someone talking about look at these people…then they saw us laughing - “Oh, you’ve ridden it before huh?” :laugh:


I’m not scared of the ride, it doesn’t frighten me, but it is very rough,and is physically uncomfortabe. I still ride it because I think the technology and effects are impressive.


I go on it 'cause I think all the jerking around, swift turns, etc. are fun but those LOUD & scary dinosaurs scare the bejesus out of me… EVERY TIME! :laugh:


I was seriously PASSIONATE about this ride when it first opened (back in the “Countdown To Extinction” days). But over time I grew “eh” about it, and now I almost dread going on it! I can’t tell if they made the ride rougher or if I’m turning into more of a chicken…

I can’t say I’ve ever been terrified by it though. Pleasantly startled, yes. :happy:


heeeee, me to. But I would not miss it. I have to ride it :laugh:


It doesn’t scare me, I just don’t like the roughness of it. The last time we rode it, the big dino at the end didn’t even appear. The picture was hilarious. Our family faked being scared while the other folks sitting in the car were just sitting there. After we got off and looked at the picture they commented that “we must have ridden this before”. Yup!


I’ll ride because my family likes it–I hate it! I keep my eyes closed because it scares me to death! The first time I rode it I was on the outside left side of the “car.” I was so scared I used an inappropriate expletive, and when we were getting off the ride, I noticed a young boy was in front of us on the ride. I felt terrible for saying a bad word, but then I noticed they were speaking another language, so hopefully he didn’t understand me.:blush::laugh:


I’m eighteen and why I like a good thrill and I don’t mind being whipped around or anything. I’m terrified of Dinosaur even though I’ll never turn it down. No matter what I’m always clutched to the person next to me screaming everyone’s ears off. :ohmy: It’s seriously the loudest ride I’ve ever been on, the dinosaurs are insanely detailed too. The one on the left can walk!:heart: