Anyone else who viewed the webcast get their lithograph?


I got mine in the email over the weekend and it is very nice. I will see if I can get it scanned and post it here. After that, I am gonna see if I can get it framed and hang it up in my home office :phone:


I haven’t yet. I can’t even remember where I placed the last one.


I got mine yesterday!! Nice beach scene to go with the cozy winter one from the previous webcast.


Not yet. They aren’t speedy about sending anything out fast EXCEPT new purchase contract. :laugh:


AAHH I signed up for the first one and forgot about it since we were in the middle of dealing with the house closing /packing/moving. Once I got the email for this recent one I jumped on it. I will definitely be on top of any future web casts as well although I don’t when we will ever be able to buy anymore points


I spoke to soon…it was in the mail today.


I think I was one of the only ones who got on that first webcast. I believe everyone else was having problems getting on, and I haven’t gotten my litho yet.


I also think so.


I got mine a couple of weeks ago!


I don’t think I will ever get one. Just last week I got an e-mail from Disney with a survey as to why I missed the webcast. I responded back to them telling them I didn’t, that I watched the whole thing. So, not sure why they don’t know this, but I have a feeling, they won’t believe me so I won’t get it. Bummer!


what webcast?