Anyone ever been to Disney in a cast?


So we are less then a month away and last night my daughter rolls off the bed and breaks her wrist:crying:. I know the wrist will heal but poor kid I was planning on making up for the motion sickness limitations with water activities. Has anyone had a child in cast while at WDW? Any tips, things that helped make this first bday trip as enjoyable as possible?


I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter’s wrist. I hope she heals quickly!

I don’t have have any experience with a child in a cast at disney, but I have seen children at the water parks with a specialized cover on their casts so that they can play in the water. Perhaps you can ask your doctor.


It won’t be an issue and hinder your plans. I’ve seen guests with whole arms in a cast and they are out having the time of their life.


It would depend on the material. My daughter had a similar problem before our trip a couple of years back and we made sure it was a waterproof cast.


you can ask for a waterproof cast…especially if it is in a regular cast for a few weeks, then I’m sure they could change to a waterproof one. I would ask


Poor baby. I hope she feels better soon! My youngest daughter’s best friend broke her wrist in the middle of the summer when they were about 3. She had a waterproof cast and swam everyday with it! Good luck!


I broke my wrist several years ago and went to WDW in a cast. I didnt have a waterproof cast so I obviously didnt go to the pool. I thought it was a little difficult on the bus when we had to stand because all the seats were taken. It was hard to hold the overhead strap and balance (it was my right wrist and I am right handed). I also thought it was uncomfortable being in the heat all day with the cast on. I also skipped some of the rides where you need to hold on to brace yourself (Space Mountain for example).


Just sayin’…if I’d been on a bus and seen someone with any type of a cast, I would’ve given up my seat. I often wonder if anyone is thinking about their experience if they were in your shoes. :huh:


Awesome news Dr. will remove cast on the morning that we leave to perform xrays=) Please pray that 3 1/2 weeks is enough time to have healed or atleast well enough for a smaller cast . She has a full arm cast for her broken wrist because it hurt to support weight.


You might get lucky and she can go in a removable splint to wear when out and about. If so, and it can get wet, ask for a second one. That way one can dry while the other is in use. If so, they can be cleaned in plain warm water and allowed to dry. Be careful about soaps. They can agrevate the skin if not wash out properly.


My friend’s dad went to Disney with a cast on his arm. It was cool because he brought a Sharpie so the characters could sign. However, it was not waterproof, and the rain caught us off-guard one day. My mother ran into a gift shop asking for a bag, and they were reluctant to give her one, but when he came in wearing the cast, they understood.

He was able to ride all of the water rides with a shopping bag tied over his arm, though. Now they have that new waterproof cast technology (this was back in 01), so that’s probably not even a problem, anymore. But the rides weren’t a problem at all - not even RnRC with the over-shoulder constraint.


I asked about the waterproof cast and this clinic does not offer that option, so hoping for complete heal or atleast removable splint. More than the rides I am worried about our wonderful unexpected april downpours, we may have to plastic bag her lol.


The waterproof term is confusing to many. The fiberglass casts still soak up and holds water in the same padding as a plaster cast. And that does create a place for fungus and other neat things to grow and cause problems in a daark, warm, moist place. The advantage with the fiberglass is that it does not structurally degrade when wet and maintains its support of the injured area. I do see kids in pools with them on, but I know they run the risk of skin infections and/or other conditions. Because of the infection risk many Drs. do not advertise their casting material as waterproof due to liability risks.


When I broke my wrist they used a gore-tex material. It did not have the padding and stuff to hold a lot of moisture. I was able to use the pool extensively. When I went back for the xray, I still needed a cast, but it was not the full arm - just forearm area. this is not so intrusive. She’ll manage fine.


I never went to Disney with a cast on but did to Cedar Point and Six Flags with one on my leg. I had many frieinds who paid for my trip,you get to ride twice in a row and go up the exit ramp to load we found out and take your party with you too so they loved that. If she still has a cast on you can get a waterproof covering of some kind and still have fun at the water parks. Check at a medical supply store or even ask the dr. what he or she recommends. I always used a trash bag back in the day.


I broke my ankle and had a soft removable cast - so it wasn’t a problem. The problem I had was we had 4 kids ranging in age from 2-14 and they would fight over who would push the baby stroller, no one wanted to push me around in my wheelchair! LOL

Hope it heals really fast for her. Use a plastic bag, or they might even sell something at a medical supply place to cover it.


Keep shopping bags with you… not the WalMart kind (for a service project, we collected plastic bags for a food shelter, and we had to go through them all and take out the damaged bags… WalMart bags were almost always torn! The plastic is incredibly thin.), but sturdy plastic clothes-shopping bags. The shopping bags at the Disney gift stores work really nicely because they come in a variety of sizes and are thick plastic.


Thank you all for the tips , her grandma is making her Disney slings just in case. Now she will be wearing a cast in Disney style, shes trying out the Little Mermaid one already=). :ariel:


One year in Universal I saw a boy with both arms in full length casts from hand to shoulder…he was getting into the front car on the Hulk ride…something tells me a little cast won’t spoil your fun :slight_smile: