Anyone ever fish at WDW?


My hubby and I love to bass fish.

Is it worth doing at WDW? Or is it just another fishing trip that has a hefty price tag? Is it more for “first-time fishermen”?

How big were the fish, if you caught any?


We love to fish there… we like to be picked up at Wilderness Lodge, and the guide will absolutely give you the experience you want. The waters are more than capable of handling a first-timer’s trip, or a trip for a seasoned bassmaster. The guides are B.A.S.S. members, and they are really good at their job!

See if you can request CARRIE as your guide – she is excellent.

Here is my TR from last year, which has some scoop on fishing in the first post:


I am not an experienced fisherman- but DH is. He has done the fishing trip twice and enjoyed it.


My bosses family fished twice on their trip last month and they LOVED it! They fished downtown disney and magic kingdom lake and they preferred MK more.


By the way, my bosses family is a HUGE fishing family. They fish the bays in the texas gulf coast on a weekly basis…they couldn’t believe the size of the bass and how many they were catching!


We had a great time fishing. We caught 26 fish!! The boys got DH this as a Father’s Day gift! Here are a few photos to give you an idea of the boat and size of fish:

Mine is the BIG fish!:biggrin::laugh:


Thanks for sharing. (and the great pics) Looks like I know what to get my DH for Christmas next year…


I do not know if this is allowed or not, but my DH fishes inside FW- I guess in the ponds or what other waterways they have. He has caught some fish, but his favorite catch was a little gator. He let everything go. I am not sure if there are signs telling you not to fish there or not. He has only fished at night while I am getting the kids ready for bed in the camper.


I am not a avid fishergirl but I had a great time fishing!! We even got to fish in The World Show Case Lagoon in Epcot. (We were staying at the Yacht club) To me the fish were pretty big but that is because i don’t really fish. There are pictures of my my dad and I and the Fish we caught.


I never been but ALWAYS wanted to. Perhaps that would get my DH to go back to WDW