Anyone ever purchase Park tix with no expiration


Just curious, I have thought about it but never have and right now WISHING I would have. I was going to try and sneak a quick 3 day weekend trip for me and the wife (ADULT TRIP) and had the money for room and food, but the tix I put me over the edge. I am now wishing I would have bought an xtra day on the last three trips with no expiration.


After purchasing DVC in 2008, we purchased no expiration tickets for the first time. Forking over that much money all at once for the 10 day tickets was a bit hard to swallow but we knew we’d be saving money in the long run. We ended up buying APs for our most recent trips so we still have 5 days left on our no expiration tickets which is nice.


Before being DVC members I would buy the 10 day no exp. park hoppers with water park. We would get about 2 trips out of them. As a matter of fact I just used the last park days from the last ones we bought this past March…they were from 2006 and they still have water park days on them. I bought them from and have found Undercover Tourist to be the least expensive and most professional option.


We’ve purchased them in the past, we always say we should save up and buy them again but it’s never happened. We actually have 1 waterpark day left from 10+ years ago.


My wife and my first trip we bought the 10 days because we knew we wanted to come back again the next year. They worked out great! We loved them. They are a lot more up front but will save you money in the long run.


We started buying the 10-Day No Expiration passes two years ago because we usually go to WDW for 3-4 day spans. So, we got three trips in with our first passes. We just upgraded to add the Waterparks & More package, which is great because if you do waterparks only days, you can double your Disney days (because the waterparks count as ten separate visits).

I had made a chart comparing the different types of tickets for us, but we purchased ours on the day before the price increase this summer, so the prices aren’t the same anymore.

If you travel 4 days or less at a time, then you’ll save money by purchasing the 10-Day NE tickets verses 4-day tickets. With 5 day trips, I believe you break even. 6 days or more, and you’re better off not purchasing No Expiration.

**We always buy the park hopper option, so it might be different with non park-hoppers.

We figure that even if we decide to go on a longer trip, those park days never expire. We can buy a package and save the NE tickets. We will always go back to Walt Disney World - sometime in our lives! It looks very expensive, but in the long run, it will save you a good chunk of money.


When we first started going to the parks in the late 90’s the tickets didn’t expire and we were able to save a couple of days for another trip. I agree that the 10 day with waterparks is s agreat option. You can extend your trip by spending days at just the waterpark. When we stayed offsite this was such a great option!


No expiration is a good idea ONLY if your non-expiring ticket will cover your TOTAL park needs for two or more trips. If you have to add even a 1-day ticket to your no expiration ticket for a second trip, you’ll have wasted hundreds of dollars.

No expiration is a fantastic idea for people who make multiple short visits over a span of more than 1 year.

But if you use, let’s say, 6 park days every few years, buying No Expiration will costs you hundreds of dollars extra. Even accounting for annnual ticket price increases, it is MUCH cheaper to buy a 6-day ticket for this trip and then a 6-day ticket for the next trip, as opposed to buying a 10-day no expiration ticket and then buying a 2-day ticket to complete the next trip.