Anyone ever used VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner)?


I was wondering if anyone has ever booked a home, condo or townhouse to stay in for their trip through VRBO?

I’m sure that most of you usually stay in Disney hotels/properties but our DD is at the age where it is just not so important to us anymore. We’re looking to rent a home, condo or townhouse and I’ve checked out the AllStar Vacation Homes and they sound great but somehow I got a link to VRBO and can actually rent the same place directly through the owner themselves at a much cheaper rate. I’m just a little leary since we had such a traumatic experience staying in a timeshare this past March.

I would greatly appreciate anyone’s input, opinion.

Thank you!


Be Aware that it is not really “BY OWNER”. I have used them twice. First time it was great. The second time… We rented from the owner and talked with him up until 2 days before we left for our vacation (to Hilton Head, SC). When we got to the rental place to pick up our keys… we were told that it had already been rented (by the rental company). Somehow, the rental company and the owner had both rented the place and had gotten their wires crossed. It was a lesson in the fact that it was not by owner, as you can see that other places are rented by rental companies there…

That being said… our first rental through them was fantastic… because it was through a person that was not affiliated with a company also…

Just be careful and check out the person!


A friend of ours used them when they went to WDW and they had nothing but good things to say about it.


I don’t know about VRBO but All-Star vacation homes are great two houses could give 15 girl scouts enough room!!!


I’ve known people who rented homes with good experiences - not sure who they used though.

Word of caution. Some of the time share properties are pretty low end. You can actually buy them as cheap as 1 cent on line. That’s right BUY the week. Of course you have annual fee of $400-700 which isn’t bad for a week but check out any timeshare rentals with RCI or II first.


My sister and her hubby used VRBO for a Florida vacation (not WDW), and they got exactly what the listing showed. It was a beautiful home in a retirement community.


Not in Florida, but I’ve stayed in a house on the Big Island (Hawaii) that we rented through VRBO and another home on the central California coast (twice), and I put my mom in a condo (Maui) that I found through the site as well–all of the owners were great.

I have a few places bookmarked with the site for part of our trip next fall to WDW (family will be joining us from Ireland, so we need lots of space and a kitchen).

Like any other rental, check out past guest experiences and be comfortable with the owner. If someone asks for unreasonable deposits or payment plans, or makes you feel like you’re jumping through hoops skip it and rent another.