Anyone get this in the mail?


I rec todya a packet from the mom board and included inside was a disney mouse pad a car magnet and 2 year of a million dreams tinkerbell pins!!! I LOVE IT!!! I wonder if anything else is on its way:heart:


Cool! That’s a nice mail surprise!!!


Thats Sweet!
I did get an email saying a packet would be coming soon, wonder if this is the same thing…


Got mine! What a great dose of Disney. My favorite is the photo on the front of the packet.


How cool! I can’t wait to get home and check the mail.


what is the mom board?


Just got the mail…It came!, It Came!!!


I did too- I actually had a thread about it but for some reason it was saying that there were too many characters in it…UGH~



Moms Panel | Walt Disney World Resort


That’s so awesome! I want one. I need my regular dose of Disney.


OMG!!! What beautiful pins! What a great video! I was so happy to open this lovely package. I hope everyone gets theirs soon!!!

Now where IS that heart icon???

Happy, happy happy!


hehe, I just read all y’all’s posts. So I send DS to the mailbox to see and, hehe- I got mine too. I am thrilled. Now excuse me while I take a peak inside that yellow folder. My yellow folder :laugh:


sniff sniff…I want a yellow folder…:crying:

Can’t wait to see what y’all got! Please post a pic!:happy:


Ok… here ya go!


I just slapped that big magnet on my car, heehee


Aw…that is so cool! What’s on the DVD? Are those Tink pins that I see? How nice that they sent that to all that applied:) Or…at least got to a certain point in the application phase.

Thanks for posting the pic!


Very cool!!! I hope no one steals it!:glare:


The DVD is the vacation planner. Those are in fact :tinkerbell: Tink pins… one to keep and one to trade. There is also a Mouse Pad, Large Car magnet, photo pass discount (25%), moms “tip” booklet, stickers. That Mickey & friends photo is just like a real photo and is removable. Such a nice packet!


That is exactly what I am afraid of. I have had those magnets stolen before. But… what good is it if I don’t use it right?!


Hmmm…I guess no presents for Dad’s…:sad: